Premiere: Listen: Fenster Share ‘Mirrors’ Track

Berlin band circuit hyperspace in a supremely pretty cut from their new album ‘The Pink Caves’.

Fenster’ sounds a term for a religious cult. Census surveys will soon be filled in with ‘oh, I’m a Fenster,’ as those signed up to the Fenster way of life sip on chai tea and blow bubbles out of soap before heading to the daily Fenster Convention.

This might all sound ludicrous, but ‘Mirrors’ (Fenster’s latest track), appears to play the role of converter. Each fleeting second is a reminder of just how remarkably pretty their music sounds, coming off like it was coined in a bubbling paradise existing under the sea, housing only mermaids and sunken submarines.

The eerie, otherworldliness of the Berlin group’s latest track probably comes from their huge, self-professed ‘Twin Peaks’ inspiration. And although David Lynch doesn’t make a crucial guest spot on this track, the woozy refrains of new album ‘The Pink Caves’ are kindly devoted to his surrealist stance.

‘The Pink Caves’ comes out 10th March 2014 on Morr Music. Listen to the DIY premiere of ‘Mirrors’ below.

Fenster play London Birthdays on 15th May.

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