News Premiere: Listen: Kate Nash Shares Xmas Song, ‘Silent Night’

Kate Nash takes on a traditional classic with The Tuts for a new Xmas EP.

Christmas is a time for indulgence. From turkey to booze to tasteless TV, music comes into it too. End of year lists offer average Joe's a chance to catch-up and, every so often, whack on a brilliant Xmas playlist.

Kate Nash yesterday announced a new EP with the self-explanatory title 'Have Faith With Kate Nash This Christmas'. All tracks feature punk band The Tuts, taking on traditional classics and making them twisted, excitable giants.

'Silent Night' - which appears on the EP - is probably the mellowest, least flip-sided addition to the release. It's calm, woozy and stripped back to its very basics, with Kate's vocals sitting atop a sweet, drifting acoustic line. Still, it's a far cry from the kind of carol sung on doorsteps across the country.

Kate Nash - 'Silent Night':'Have Faith With Kate Nash Tracklist'

'I Hate You This Christmas'
'Silent Night'
'Christmas Is In The Air'
'Auld Lang Syne'


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