Pulp To Make ‘After You’ Available On ITunes

The James Murphy produced track finally gets a proper release.

Pulp first gave away ‘After You’ as a download to those who, frankly, were already revelling in their own good fortune, having attended their Sheffield homecoming gig late last year. It might be a bit belatedly, but having been all over the radio for the last few weeks, Jarvis and co have decided that we should all be able to own their first new track in a decade - in a digital format, at least.

The track will be available exclusively through iTunes from Monday 28th January 2013.

Originally an unreleased demo from their last album, 2001’s ‘We Love Life’, the track was re-recorded and reworked under the watchful eye of former LCD frontman (and DIY cover star), James Murphy, while both were onboard the S.S. Coachella earlier back in December.

The Sheffield band currently have no dates scheduled beyond that cruise, with Jarvis Cocker having told Q magazine that; “We haven’t got anything planned after the New Year… we’ll just be cruising off into the sunset. Seems poetic.” Having reformed back in 2011, they’d yet to release any new material - although in 2012, Cocker did say in an interview with Shortlist Magazine that he wasn’t adverse to the idea of writing new Pulp material; ‘We’ll have to see about that. But I’ve got ideas. I keep my little notebook, I’ve always got that with me.’

No doubt fans of the band hope that the ‘popular demand’ that’s caused them to release ‘After You’ proper will cause that notebook to get some proper use.

You can listen to the track below.

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