Live Review Reading 2012: Mystery Jets, Main Stage

They’re not doing a bad job, but the majority of the audience is too busy talking to notice.

It's really hard not to feel for Mystery Jets. Whilst third on the main stage is a position that many a band would consider themselves incredibly lucky to hold, it's almost become the standard for them. If a shark stops swimming forward, it dies, as we seem to have been told a fair few times already this weekend, but we can only hope that the same fate won't be suffered by the Eel Pie Island band.

You see, Mystery Jets are not really just a band. They're a band that soundtracked many a heartbreak, a couple of small victories and the odd night out. They were the ones it was cool to like before everyone else. They were the band we got pissed and danced like dickheads to. Mystery Jets represent memories. And that's just why seeing them on less than sparkling form is a real kick in the teeth.

They're not doing a bad job, but the majority of the audience is too busy talking to notice as Blaine and co. switch songs from their last two albums with ease. Someone builds a four person human pyramid, the crowd go crazy. And the band keep playing with only so much as a raised eye brow.

Sound problems prevent the band bringing it back with a rendition of 'Young Love', as more pyramids pop up. Taking it on the chin, Blaine invites the audience to take the lead on 'Two Doors Down', which they do dutifully, arms in the air and finally paying Mystery Jets the attention they do deserve. Maybe the view from the main stage isn't so bad afterall.

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