Record Store Day 2012 Perspectives: The Consumers

We asked you lot what releases you were looking forward to getting your grubby mitts on.

We’ve been speaking to some of the people involved in Record Store Day 2012 to get their perspective on the event. So far we’ve heard from a Record Store, a Record Label and a band but it seems only fitting that we also hear from you, the record buyers. We asked you lot what releases you were looking forward to getting your grubby mitts on today.

Bevis Man: Looking forward to getting hold of a copy of Bat for Lashes’ cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Strangelove’ in 7’. Limited to just 750 copies, the track has provoked some strong reactions online already and it would be great to hear Natasha Khan’s rather sultry vocals taking on Gahan and co!

Colin Livingstone: Flaming Lips’ ‘Each One Is Different’ psychedelic vinyl duets double album! With bits of collaborator’s blood. Or did I imagine that. With the Lips, probably not

Wayne Flanagan: The Smugglers Way release - For the art work alone this release merits your attention, with exclusive scribbles from a host of Domino artist like Alison Mosshart & Wild Beasts’ Tom Fleming. As music goes, the five multi coloured flexi discs (bonus points for quirkiness) is just as sweet, including tracks from John Maus, Real Estate & Dirty Projectors amongst others.

Simone Scott Warren: I’m pretty sure I need a fifth copy of the Velvet Underground’s ‘Loaded’, because this one’s on pink vinyl. Which is much better than the white vinyl, hologrammed, deluxe version, right? See you at Rough Trade! x

Danny Wright: People who know me (and follow me on Twitter) know that I’m a huge Mclusky fan. But I’ve never owned ‘Mclusky Do Dallas’ on vinyl before. This should all change tomorrow morning. It better, anyway.

Jimmy Blake: My student loan has been salivating over the list of RSD exclusives for the past week, there’s almost too much to choose from. I’d love to get my hands on the Dylan collection or more realistically the Quantic and Alice Russell album. I made a strange fan boy noise when I saw Gilles Peterson’s ‘Brazilika’ compilation too, guess I’ll have to get down there early.

Rick Skilbeck: Beach House, ‘As Heard On Radio Soulwax’ vinyl, Iggy Pop, Pretty in Pink & Breakfast Club soundtracks etc, etc.
Although I’ll probably oversleep and miss everything, just like last year…

Luke Morgan Britton: It always seems to me very irresponsible of those behind Record Store Day to always hold the annual event a mere week before the month’s end and 7 working days before both payday and rent’s due date. I’m not sure my landlord will understand why there’s been no transaction to her bank account unless she’s hiding a massive vinyl collection somewhere that I don’t know about. Maybe I can trade in the new Xiu Xiu / Dirty Beaches split 7’ or a couple of copies of the Battles remix LP as compensation. Perhaps she’s a big fan of Beach House and can’t wait to get her hands on their new single? Wish me luck.

Louise Morris: If it were at all possible to track down the original vinyl pressings of Leadbelly’s sessions for the Library of Congress from July 1934 to March 1935 then that would possibly be my dream record purchase as the sessions highlighted an iconic moment in blues history and were supervised by one of my folk heroes, Alan Lomax. Apparently Leadbelly never sounded better than when he was recording for the Library of Congress.
Failing that, I’d be happy to complete my collection of Vaultage LPs (blistering collections of Brighton’s best punk bands) with Vaultage 79 and Vaultage 80 released by Attrix records with their brilliant ‘music for the people’ philosophy.

@ruthofford *Hopefully* White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys and Sufjan #recordstoreday

Robert Skilbeck: I will be gracing Piccadilly Records, Manchester - looking to get the ‘As Heard On Radio Soulwax’ vinyl also (remember getting a CD copy of that about ten years ago) the Battles ‘Dross Glop’ 4 12 inch single (to complete the set), LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge (going through a bit of a DFA completist phase at the moment) and anything else that grabs me. They’ve got DJ’s playing there all day, so will no doubt hang around and make lots of impulse purchases as well. Hopefully, Andrew Weatherall’s Masterpiece - Vol 3 compilation will be out a couple of days early as well…And having got the new Spiritualised album on vinyl today, I think I owe it to my new turntable to get Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space on vinyl as well.

Mary Chang: Sadly I don’t live in the UK *but* I would love to have Morrissey’s new picture disc in my collection. It would look stunning framed and hung next to the 4-panel black and white Morrissey poster in my bedroom.

El Hunt: If money was no object I’d get myself one of the five super expensive Flaming Lips creepy blood vinyls. I’d be hoping I got the one with Nick Cave’s blood in it to be honest, Ke$ha’s blood might make for a broken record.

Nathan Connelly: I’ve been to RTE for the last few year’s. Candy Flip is surprising, but will end up with impulse buy’s as RSD grips.

Dom Smith: I’m going to be making the effort to support Marilyn Manson’s resurgence this year. Yep! He’s releasing his ‘No Reflection’ single as a white 7” vinyl in the UK and Europe on (and in support of) Record Store Day. The vinyl will be strictly limited to 1500 copies and I think it’ll be a nice item to own and (hopefully) a signifier of some sort of decent comeback?

Andrew Backhouse: I’ve been saving up my pocket money. It’s a fight to the death for Stagecoach’s jelly green tape and the extended dance remix of ABBA’s ‘Voulez-Vous’. Yum yum!