Record Store Day 2013: Shopping Guide

Don’t be dazzled by the discs; we’ve got a handy guide to the best of this year’s Record Store Day releases.

It’s almost that time of the year again. The one where you get up early, head to your local record shop to join the queue for this year’s very special limited editions.

The best advice is to be prepared (it’s just like being in the scouts); know what you want before the doors open. Otherwise that abundance of releases can lead to confusion, the sheer volume of vinyl dazzling your brain and finding you leaving minus the one thing you promised yourself you’d purchase, and having to queue back up in the hope that what you want is still in stock.

Being ever helpful, we’ve sifted through this year’s offerings and compiled a list of all of our essential buys, the ones that should you be lucky enough to pick up, will end up being the jewels in your record collection.

Admiral Fallow
Tree Bursts In Snow 12’

We are re-releasing our second album ‘Tree Bursts In Snow’ (originally released through Nettwerk in May 2012) on 12” vinyl. The release is strictly limited to 500 copies and comes packaged with a free 24-bit Studio Master download courtesy of the great folks at Linn Records. We will also be playing a few tunes at Avalanche Records in Edinburgh on 20th April to celebrate the launch of the record. Last year we re-released our debut album ‘Boots Met My Face’ on vinyl so it’s a real treat to be able to do it again for this album.
Joe Rattray, Admiral Fallow

At The Drive-In
Relationship Of Command 12”

At The Drive-In are re-releasing ‘Relationship Of Command’ on vinyl which is very exciting. I’d prefer ‘In Casino Out’, but this will do just fine.
Joe Rattray, Admiral Fallow
A double LP of ‘Relationship Of Command’ is pretty tempting. The cover of Grace Jones by Dutch Uncles is rad; there’s always loads of stuff but it kinda depends what’s left when we get through the door. Needless to say we won’t be camping outside the store from 3am or whatever people do these days.
Si, YBAs

Biffy Clyro
Modern Magic Formula / City Of Dreadful Night 7”

Somewhere between gracing the cover of the February issue and preparing to headline Reading & Leeds festival, Biffy Clyro have found time to record a live version of ‘Modern Magic Formula’, as well as a previously unheard B-side titled ‘City Of Dreadful Night’, set for release as a strictly limited silver and black 7” single released through Warner.
Jonathan Hatchman, DIY

Black Milk
Synth Or Soul

I need a copy of that! He’s a Hip Hop artist from Detroit who’s released some great records and produced for a bunch of other MC’s. He’s definitely up there when it comes to the beats - one of my favourites.

Captain Beefheart
Frank Freeman’s Dance Club 12”

I’m hoping to grab the Captain Beefheart live one, the Cheech And Chong 7”, and Debashish Bhattacharya’s ‘Beyond The Ragasphere’. There are so many releases, I’m just going to go in and see what I can find.
Ripley Johnson, Moon Duo

Chapel Club
Good Together

We’ve taken part in Record Store Day for the last few years and are psyched to be celebrating this one with a picture disc of our last single ‘Good Together’, along with three other tracks taken from our upcoming album (set for release 3rd June). It’s an amazing thing for bands as well as fans; it means we get to release tracks which otherwise might not see the light of day and it also means we can get creative with how we’re gonna package them etc. On this occasion we’re releasing four tracks off our new album physically for the first time ever - so that’s super exciting for us.
Rich Mitchell, Chapel Club

Recover EP 12”

The Scottish synth kings and queen won’t be releasing their debut until later in the year, so for now you’re just going to have to content yourself with this.
Simone Scott Warren, DIY

David Bowie
Drive-In Saturday

If I can get hold of it, hopefully [I’ll pick up] the new Bowie 7” - either way, I’m definitely going to have a good rummage around and see what’s out there. I just have to try not to spend too much money!
J. Wilgoose, Public Service Broadcasting
If I am around I will most likely be in Probe annoying Bob, I have my eyes on some of the Bowie 7” singles. And even some of the Tull gems.
Will Sergeant, Poltergeist / Echo & The Bunnymen
It’s been a real privilege to cut records by Bowie, The Beta Band and the Verve for this year’s Record Store Day. It’s great to see such outstanding artists supporting independent retailers.
Adam Nunn, Abbey Road Studios Mastering Engineer

Dinos Chapman

A ten year project by Dinos Chapman, and the cover art alone is genius.
Death At Sea

Dog Is Dead
Teenage Daughter

It would be a shame for these singles to only be available as faceless downloads, so we’re excited to give people the chance to get a limited physical copy of two of our favourite songs off our debut album.
Dog Is Dead

Dutch Uncles
Slave To The Atypical Rhythm

We’re covering Grace Jones’ ‘Slave To The Rhythm’. We’ve put a little time signature twist along with some other ‘out there’ production ideas so our version is actually called ‘Slave To The Atypical Rhythm’.
Dutch Uncles

Factory Floor
Wooden Box

I want to buy the Factory Floor - Wooden Box re-release because my original is worn out due to overplaying.
Tim Burgess

My Number/Bluebird 7”

By far the catchiest single on their new album ‘Holy Fire’, if not their whole back catalogue, Foals will follow 2011’s release of ‘The Metropolis Sessions.’ Backed with ‘Bluebird’, the track that became available on the band’s website, accompanied by a CCTV style video. Limited to 2000 copies, this is a definite record to look out for.
Jonathan Hatchman, DIY

Frightened Rabbit
Midnight Organ Fight 12”

Frightened Rabbit are re-releasing Midnight Organ Fight on vinyl. It’s the album that got me into them, so that’ll be lovely to hear and and to hold.
Joe Rattray, Admiral Fallow

Grouplove, Frightened Rabbit and Manchester Orchestra
Architect / Make It To Me

Possibly two of my favourite voices in music at the moment, there’s something incredibly exciting about the collaboration between Scott Hutchison and Andy Hull. Not to mention the fact they manage to do it without even meeting one another…
Sarah Jamieson, DIY
Excited about the Manchester Orchestra / Frightened Rabbit 12’. Hopefully I can get my mitts on that one…

Howling Owl Records

I’ll be getting a copy of this years Howling Owl Records 12’ release which features Spectres, Oliver Wilde, The Naturals and my personal favourites Velcro Hooks. They’ve all done brand new songs which nobody has heard yet, so it’s all very exciting.
JP, Towns

Jesus And Mary Chain

Sorry, did someone say that the Scottish noisy shoegazers will be releasing only 1000 copies of their 1985 debut on ‘paint spatter’ vinyl? They did? Shove one in your basket and impress your friends, who’ve only got their old beaten up charity shop versions.
Simone Scott Warren, DIY

Kate Nash / Thin Kids
Free My Pussy / Free Pussy Riot Now

I’m releasing a split 7’ with the Thin Kids, A-Side is my song ‘Free My Pussy’, which is about being trapped and suppressed by someone, and B-Side is the Thin Kids’ song ‘Free Pussy Riot Now’. Record Store Day is cool cause it’s celebrating vinyl; it’s about finding one off, rare pieces with limited edition artwork and songs that you won’t find again and it gets people excited about buying records.
Kate Nash

Little Boots
Nocturnal Versions 12’

We are releasing a special 12’ called ‘Nocturnal Versions’ (inspired by Duran Duran’s night versions) which features the extended versions of two tracks ‘Broken Record’ and ‘Strangers’ taken from my new album ‘Nocturnes’ which unfortunately we have to cut down for the LP. It has special artwork and is on white vinyl which looks beautiful. I’ll also be DJing on the day as part of the Vinyl Factory pop up shop in Phonica Records in Soho and singing copies! We took part last year for the first time and it was great and made me realise what a good opportunity it is to do something special and support local record shops so I’m really pleased to be involved again.
Little Boots

Alien Days

MGMT are releasing a cassette - I’m really excited to see what those guys have been up to.
Rich Mitchell, Chapel Club

Mogwai, Bill Wells / Aidan Moffat
Split 7”

I’d like to check out the Mogwai and Bill Wells/Aidan Moffat split 7”, they are covering each other’s songs and it sounds like it’ll be great. The front cover photo is a beezer too. Bill and Aidan are also doing a similar split 7” with The Twilight Sad which I’m very keen to hear.
Joe Rattray, Admiral Fallow

Moon Duo
Circles Remixes

We’re releasing a 12’ of remixes of songs from our latest LP, ‘Circles’. Remixes by Tom Furse (The Horrors), Zombie Zombie, Sun Araw, White Rainbow, Umberto, K-X-P, Eric Copeland and Life Coach.
Ripley Johnson, Moon Duo

Paul Weller
Flame-Out! 7”

I’ll probably get Paul Weller’s record. I’ve always been a fan and have played drums with him before; he’s a beacon of total credibility in this industry and I will always have respect for what he does.
Rich Mitchell, Chapel Club

Scars 10’

We’ll be releasing our song ‘Scars’ for the first time physically on a limited (and free) compilation 10” vinyl that is curated by The Line Of Best Fit and Music Finland. It has six songs from six Finnish artists and ‘Scars’ will be the opening track. We haven’t released anything physical before this one. All of our releases have been on Soundcloud so far.

Public Service Broadcasting
Signal 30 7’

We’re putting our new single, Signal 30, out on lovely orange 7’ vinyl. It’s really exciting to be releasing something ourselves for it as I’ve been a big fan of the day in the past, often picking up some really good stuff. We’ve also been asked to play an in-store at Rough Trade East on the day itself, which is the icing on the cake really.
J. Wilgoose, Public Service Broadcasting

After You 12”

Jarvis and co. are putting their ‘After You’ through its paces with a 12”, featuring both the James Murphy remix, and what happens when Soulwax get their mitts on the track. Oh, and it also comes with the Britpoppers’ own take on things, with‘The 4am Desperation Disco To Disco Dub Version’.
Simone Scott Warren, DIY

Open 12”

I’m after the Rhye - Open 12” and the Whirr - Part Time Punks 7” amongst a few others. I’ve gotten into both bands recently and just want to pick up more of their releases!
James Spence, Rolo Tomassi

Sex Pistols
Pretty Vacant 7”

Following last year’s successful re-release of ‘God Save The Queen’, celebrating the single’s 35th anniversary, the band have decided to release a limited version of successor ‘Pretty Vacant’, including a Country & Western version of the single. And if that’s not a good enough reason to get your hands on a copy, then we don’t know what is!
Jonathan Hatchman, DIY

Sorry Kisses / Mark Wynn

Nine Black Alps aren’t doing official for Record Store Day, but my label (Desert Mine) is having our first vinyl release with a split album between the Sorry Kisses and Mark Wynn.
Sam Forrest, Nine Black Alps

Action Cassette

We are releasing ‘Action’ on vintage 70’s reel-2-reel style cassettes. It was old new stock that was unearthed at some warehouse in Kansas. What’s even cooler is that they have Eagles on the reels. They look amazing! We copied them all ourselves which was a labour of love but I think means it will be the most personal release this Record Store Day. I think along with MGMT we are the only tape release and last year we were the only cassette.
Luke Barham, Stagecoach

Stephen Malkmus
Ege Bamyasi 12”

Stephen Malkmus doing Can’s ‘Ege Bamyasi’ sounds interesting! And the reissue of Pussy Galore’s ‘Groovy Hate F**k’.
James Llewellyn Thomas, The History Of Apple Pie

Tame Impala
Desire Be Desire EP 12”

The one that stands out is the Tame Impala EP. I haven’t heard any of those tracks and I, like millions of other people, cite their last LP as one of the best records of 2012. They sound so consistently authentic, it’s masterful!
[I’m going to get] Tame Impala’s first EP and maybe the Bowie release… but everything sells out so quickly and then a lot of people tout it, which sucks.
Joel, Wolf Alice

The Band
Last Waltz 3x12”

I think more than one of us have our eye on the Last Waltz triple LP release from The Band. I’m also very keen on getting my hands on the Elliott Smith –Either/Or alternate versions 12”. If I had loads of money I’d get the GZA –Liquid Swords deluxe boxset but I think it’s like £80. Maybe I’ll leave that to the big Wu-Tang fans.
Luke Barham, Stagecoach

The Black Keys
No Fun 7’

The Black Keys / Stooges No Fun sounds like, well, a lot of fun, so I’ll hopefully pick that up.
Rich Mitchell, Chapel Club

The Black Lips / Icky Blossoms
Cowboy Knights

We are releasing a split with The Black Lips called ‘Cowboy Knights’. We both recorded covers of some of our favorite artists. Willie Nelson’s ‘Mama Don’t Let Your Babes Grow Up To Be Cowboys’ and Siouxsie And The Banshees’s ‘Arabian Knights’.
Nik Fakler, Icky Blossoms

The History Of Apple Pie / Young Husband
Glitch / Dromes

We’re releasing a split 7’ on blue vinyl with Young Husband; our contribution is our next single Glitch, whilst Young Husband’s is a song called Dromes. Logan Fitzpatrick, a NY based artist, did the artwork for it and it looks really great. Our label Marshall Teller are also re-releasing the split 12’ we did with Gross Magic, Novella and Echo Lake.
James Llewellyn Thomas, The History Of Apple Pie

The Horrors / TOY
Motoring / Moving Further Split 12”

Only 500 pressed you say? Grab them quick, because this one’s going to go quicker than you can say ‘Faris Badwan’.
Simone Scott Warren, DIY
Dom and I remixed ‘Moving Further Away’ by The Horrors and we are releasing it with Tom’s remix of ‘Motoring’. We really loved his remix and we thought it’d be a great idea to release something together for Record Store Day.
Alejandra, TOY

The Flaming Lips
Zaireeka 4x12”

I sadly missed out on buying The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends record last year, but they are releasing the mildly ludicrous Zaireeka on four LPs so I’ll need to find three friends with turntables for a party.
Joe Rattray, Admiral Fallow

The Joy Formidable
A Minute’s Silence 7”

We’re delighted to be celebrating RSD by sharing ‘A Minute’s Silence’, a previously unreleased track, written and recorded between Sebago Lake and Los Angeles last summer. It’s a song about family, what happens behind closed doors and is largely inspired by Jonathan Franzen’s novel The Corrections.
The Joy Formidable

The Leisure Society
Fight For Everyone

We’re releasing ‘Fight For Everyone’ on blue vinyl, with another beautiful Owen Davey cover design. The b-side is a song that I started writing around the time of our debut - three albums later and it’s finally ready to release!
Nick Hemming, The Leisure Society

The Thermals
Desperate Ground Demos

The Thermals are going HARD for Record Store Day this year! First of all, our new record ‘Desperate Ground’ comes out on Saddle Creek on 16th April - so it will be fresh on the shelves for RSD four days later. Then, on Record Store Day, we are releasing a 7’ containing four demo versions of songs from ‘Desperate Ground’. We’re appearing at Music Millenium that afternoon for a signing/DJ set, and playing our record release show that night in Portland. It’s going to be an epic RSD!
Westin Glass, The Thermals

The White Stripes
Elephant 12”

It’s now a decade since the Stripes’ seminal ‘Elephant’, and as head honcho of the whole thing (well, this year’s official RSD Ambassador), Jack White is reissuing the record in suitable style, with a limited run of gatefold double 12” available, featuring one red and black, the other white. Swoon.
Emma Swann, DIY

The xx
Jamie xx Edits 12”

There’s only 4000 copies of Jamie xx’s remixes of ‘Sunset’ and ‘Reconsider’ on 12”, so it’s bound to fly off the shelves fast.
Simone Scott Warren, DIY

Tim Burgess
Oh No I Love You More

On my Label OGenesis, I am releasing a 7’ clear vinyl single called ‘Fix Your Smile’ by Inspiral Carpets, and a remix / renditions version of my 2012 album ‘Oh No I Love You’ called ‘Oh No I Love You More’.

Careless Woman 12’

I’m releasing my ‘Careless Woman’ single on heavyweight 12’ Vinyl. It’s extra special to me as the sleeve has been beautifully made by one of my favourite designers, Luke Insect, and it contains two amazing remixes from some of my production heroes Lapalux and Throwing Snow. It also contains my B-side ‘Let The Dance End’, a kind of New-Age wig-out track for after-hours, which is the first TYTHE tune I shared with the world and has a special place in my heart!

Record Store Day will take place in all good independent record stores on 20th April. For more information, including a full list of releases, visit

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