Reverend & The Makers - @reverend_makers

At the very least it marks a new chapter of diversity for the band.


When bands take a break from the touring circuit while working on new material, it can shroud their musical direction in mystery. With no live previews as such, indie rockers Reverend And The Makers prefaced the release of their third record ‘@Reverend_Makers’ with a mixtape of incomplete ideas and experimentation that left fans suspecting a more modern electronic vibe, which isn’t wholly off the mark.

Opener ‘Bassline’ at first feels too different from their usual workings, with prominent synthesisers, big beats and a much harsher sound luring the listener into this record. It’s undisputedly catchy but could reaffirm fears of a drastic change of direction; however, as the record progresses the listener is taken on a journey that comfortably navigates through club-suited jams back to their core.

‘Depth Change’ dabbles with dubstep, the custom go-to in today’s industry when trying something new, where ‘Warts n All’ features some groove-infused beats that bring a real swing to their experimentation. Returning to their more recognisable sounds, ‘Noisy Neighbours’ utilises their indie-rock roots to produce one of the highlights of the album, with tight beats and a more prominent use of guitar than most. Following this, ‘What Goes Around’ offers a subdued number, feeling airy and relaxing to close a record that, for the most part, makes you want to move.

The album title alone hints that this is going to be something new; whether fans will be welcoming to these new ideas is to be seen. For those open to more electronic sounds, this will likely be a great release and to those who are dubious of change, the band have accounted for that with a handful of numbers that more or less embody their established sound. At the very least ‘@Reverend_Makers’ marks a new chapter of diversity for the band.
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