Album Review Robyn - Body Talk

One of the best albums released this year.

After keeping her fans guessing about the nature of her third release within a year, ‘Body Talk’ contains five tracks each from Robyn’s ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’ and ‘Body Talk Pt. 2’, alongside five solid new additions that contain all the familiar Robyn ingredients, rounding things off more than carrying on the experimentation.

The lead single here is ‘Indestructible’ and it’s been transformed from the more emotional acoustic version that appeared on ‘Pt. 2’ with its striking string section, to an understated pulsating disco ballad. None of the previous acoustic versions make the final cut, which makes sense as, whilst stunning, they act best as a bridge from one album to the next.

From the new set, ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is a wise song advising a guy on how to tell his girlfriend he’s leaving her because he’s met someone else, whilst ‘Time Machine’ sees Robyn successfully reunited with the man who produced both of her Top 10 US singles in 1997, Max Martin, also responsible for some of Britney, Katy Perry and Pink’s biggest singles.

Highlights from the other two parts include ‘Love Kills’, a song about the perils of love over Italo disco noises, ‘None Of Dem’, a collaboration with Royksopp about dancefloor prowess, her duet with Snoop Dogg, ‘U Should Know Better’ and the heartbreaking first single ‘Dancing On My Own’. This system has meant more Robyn all year round, and as this is one of the best albums released this year we hope this is how things will continue.


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