Album Review Robyn - Body Talk Pt. II

This album demonstrates perfectly why Robyn is such a vital and exciting artist.

Never one to be shy in the spotlight Robyn opens the second instalment of her Body Talk trilogy in stark contrast to its predecessor’s beginning. ‘In My Eyes’ is a bold start to the album, it heads straight for the melodic jugular and is absolutely brazen in its immediacy. You will fall in love with this song instantly.

‘Include Me Out’ maintains the momentum with a bittersweet lyrical approach, the verses are a little bit predictable but the chorus is huge and you will struggle to get it out of your head.

Lead single ‘Hang With Me’ proves that Robyn’s songs sounds just as good with full production as they do acoustically and that’s to be admired. Despite this it’s still a strange choice for first single when in our opinion there are two far stronger candidates (‘In My Eyes’ and ‘U Should Know Better’). That aside it’s still a great trademark Robyn song.

Things change in the middle section, ‘Love Kills’ is sleeker, reveals Robyn’s euro influences and is a touch on the cold side while still being a compelling track. ‘We Dance To The Beat’ is a hypnotic statement of intent and is philosophy and musical politics Robyn style. It features perhaps the finest lyric on the album: “We dance to the beat of your brain not evolving fast enough” and perhaps this is how Robyn sees her rivals? We like to think so.

‘Criminal Intent’ is Robyn at her playful and boasting best, and has a more urban feel to it. She likens herself to her a dance floor criminal and advocates the benefits of cutting loose: “a little dirty never hurt anyone…” We heartily agree.

It’s fair to say that expectations were high for ‘U Should Know Better’, and it doesn’t disappoint. This collaboration with Snoop Dogg is a fantastically inventive song that effortlessly crosses musical boundaries and lyrically Robyn and Snoop bounce off each other like old time sparring partners. Even the harshest Snoop critic would struggle not to be impressed.

Like with ‘Body Talk Pt. I’, Robyn ends the album with another acoustic track though ‘Indestructible’ is far more orchestral than anything on the last album. This is a gently beautiful track that builds up to an emotive chorus. Unaffected and vulnerable, Robyn lays herself open when she sings ‘I’m gonna love you like I’ve never been hurt before, I’m gonna love like I’m indestructible” and suddenly you’re right there with her. It’s a glorious close to the album and we are willing to bet our bottom dollar that a fully produced version appears on ‘Part III’.

While we wait for the third and final addition we can see why this album demonstrates perfectly why Robyn is such a vital and exciting artist. She imbues her fascination with electronic pop with a near perfect understanding of the emotions that touch all of us; the euphoria and sadness that love brings, immersing yourself on the dance floor and finding strength and confidence from your own individuality. Robyn connects to the listener; she has a deft touch that makes her at the same time one of us and yet beyond us. This is a classic hallmark of any great pop star.


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