Santigold Streams ‘Master Of My Make Believe’ In Full

Santigold recently performed at Coachella.

Santigold is currently streaming her new LP ‘Master Of My Make Believe’ online in full over at a week ahead of release.

Santigold recently performed at Coachella and is scheduled to perform at Radio1’s Hackney Weekend with her own headline tour expected later this year.

Speaking to DIY about the inspiration behind the artwork for her forthcoming album ‘Master Of My Make-Believe’, Santigold says, ‘I wanted to do a collaboration with a visual artist,’ she begins in this month’s issue of DIY Magazine, ‘because throughout history, I’ve just been so amazed by the collaborations with the great artists of the eras with musicians. Like Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground or Grace Jones and Keith Haring, and they’ve just done these iconic pieces of art around the music and I wanted to do something.’

Read a recent interview with Santi White here.

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