EP Review Shy Girls - Timeshare

Undemanding and sensual, ‘Timeshare’ is a collection of unapologetically sultry songs.

To those unfamiliar, Dan Vidmar arrived earlier this year with ‘Under Attack’, a six minute stellar track (with a celestial saxophone blast courtesy of tUnE-yArDs’ Noah Bernstein) that this release closes with. There’s ‘Perform Form’, too; a work alongside producer du jour Cyril Hahn’s. Plus the uber-sincere ‘Still Not Falling’, which comes close for a coveted lyric of the year prize in the self-damning ‘I’m not an athlete / I sit at home and make beats.

Vidmar’s a charmer, but he applies his loved-up intentions in unconventional, often funny methods. ‘Still Not Falling’ is - at its core - a slow jam of truths and pain; a theme that repeats throughout. ‘Timeshare’s production is pretty simple and Vidmar’s introspective lyrics prove that he’s a true wallflower, especially on ‘Voyeur’s Gaze’ and ‘Second Heartbeat’. For the most part, the overall tone and textures borrow from slow, downtempo spheres. Vidmar’s vocals are stripped to piano foundations, all provided with a strange, unconventional truth.

While he’ll no doubt find himself lumped with other ethereal R&B artists, he stands apart from the pack through his honesty. Undemanding and sensual, ‘Timeshare’ is a collection of unapologetically sultry songs, made for lovers and introverts alike.