Soundtrack: Lanterns On The Lake

The band run through some of their all time favourite tracks.

Following the recent announcement of their forthcoming January dates, we grabbed Bella Union’s Lanterns On The Lake to run through some of their all time favourite tracks. It’s a big question so we let each band member pick two songs to bring us together a collective - and, erm, eclectic - Soundtrack.

Ol Ketteringham
Rachels - Last Things Last
Sad, beautiful, hopeful. It introduced me to Shannon Wright and is my perfect three and half minutes of wonder.

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan
This song on repeat probably accounts for probably half of the music I listened to for about five years after it was released and still sends shivers down my spine when I listen to it.

Paul Gregory
Explosions In The Sky - Only Moment We Were Alone
This album is my favourite record of all time, this is a beautiful piece of music

The Verve - Reprise
The final song from ‘A Northern Soul’. To me, it’s the sound of a band who have found that place in the world where the music plays itself. It’s also, for me, the single greatest piece of guitar playing I’ve ever heard. When I first heard it, I actually sat in stunned silence for about an hour..

Sarah Kemp
The Pattern Theory - Chevrons
Brilliant instrumental math-pop played by unbelievably talented musicians.

The Durutti Column - Waiting
I have a real soft spot for Vini Reilly’s vocals, and these are some of his best words… of course with his top guitar playing too.

Brendan Sykes
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
I could choose pretty much any Sufjan track. I love this song in particular because of the way it builds and flows towards the albums conclusion.

MWVM - Context Where?
Opening track of MWVM’s debut. I was totally obsessed with this album when it first came out. Perfect blissful ambience

Adam Sykes
Bjork - Thunderbolt
Bjork consistently releases some of the most beautiful and interesting music I’ve ever heard, and ‘Thunderbolt’ is a great example of that.

O’Death - Berzilla Wallin
Inconceivably affecting.

Hazel Wilde
Radiohead - Codex
I think this is very special moment on The King Of Limbs record. The vocal melody is really something, and with the brass in the distance it just has this dark, sad but warm feel to it.

Neil Young - Out On The Weekend
This is one of those songs for me where when I hear it, I’m put back in the place of hearing it for the very first time. It’s kind of the perfect song.

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