Album Review Spencer McGarry Season - Episode 2

A refreshing contrast to everything else currently around.

‘Episode 2’ is the second of six albums from composer, Spencer McGarry, which intend to span different genres. Having previously given us minimalist three piece rock with the first installment, this is the polar opposite. Covering a broad range of influences, from contemporary musical theater to baroque pop in a similar vein to Belle and Sebastian, it’s certainly an adventurous and a refreshing contrast to everything else currently around, but equally accessible.

Falsetto and all round campness pepper the album with a cheeky wink, and the aping of high culture is equally welcome in small doses. Half way through ‘The Giveaway’ is where the album’s twee charm turns into glaring pretentiousness, with a whimsical, but transparently vapid attempt at a jaunty musical shtick.

Dotted around the more audacious musical endeavors there are a number of extremely well crafted pop songs, but spanning a mammoth 17 tracks and running at 69 minutes long it presents itself as both epic, but also a bit of a chore in one sitting. ‘Episode 2’ will delight and divide in equal measure with its half confident pop perfection and half-baked musical ditties. Sadly, like musicals, this album could have done with an interval.