News Stay Bless Airs Video For Debut Track ‘Always’

What better way to introduce yourself than with some casual nudity?

Stay Bless

is the new project of George Cassavetes, who shadows as the guy on keys for Gabriel Bruce. He's prepping a debut EP - 'FADED' - for release on 37 Adventures (home of fellow Neu favourites Pale's early singles).

The debut, sort of NSFW video for his lead track 'Always' goes a little beyond the soft-focus promo shot that's graced his emergence. Initially he doesn't seem to be doing much of interest. He places a cigarette in his mouth, takes off his shoes, looks straight into the camera. Big deal, etc.

But then he gets naked. So there's that. For those of a sensitive demeanour a trusted soft focus does its duty, but only to the extent that your imagination's still free to run riot.

Stream Stay Bless' NSFW 'Always' video below:


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