Suede Give Away Free Version Of ‘Filmstar’

Recorded at their tiny Barfly gig last week

Last week, 200 lucky competition winners packed into the tiny Barfly venue in London’s Camden, to catch Suede play a teeny gig for XFM Presents, which included new material from their forthcoming album, ‘Bloodsports’.

After turning the venue - which is certainly one of the smallest they’ve played since their reformation - into a heaving, sweaty mess, the Londoners are now, very kindly, giving those who couldn’t squeeze into the Barfly the opportunity to hear what they missed, by giving away a free download of ‘Filmstar’ via XFM’s Soundcloud.

Speaking to DIY, Brett Anderson said that he’s still nervous about how the new record will be received. ‘You don’t lose nerves, you don’t lose your anxiety about how people receive your work.’ Anderson told us, ‘And don’t listen to anyone who says they don’t care what people think of their work, that’s absolute fiction. Anyone who creates, creates because they want response. It’s a necessary part of the process. Anyone who says they don’t care, that they don’t read their own reviews or whatever, that’s absolute bollocks. It’s a contradiction as far as I’m concerned, otherwise you’re creating something and you would keep it to yourself, keep it in your bedroom, if you didn’t care what other people think about it.’

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Suede play at the Barfly, they’re shortly due to play a slightly larger venue; Alexandra Palace, on May 30th, where they’ll be supported by Spector and Temples.

Listen to ‘Filmstar’ live at the barfly below:

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