The Hold Steady To Record New Album This Summer?

According to Rolling Stone they are!

The Hold Steady look to be entering the studio this summer, to record a brand new album.

According to an interview with Rolling Stone, the band are due to enter the studio later this year, with the magazine stating: ‘The Hold Steady have completed rougly a dozen songs for the new album since they began writing in November, Finn says, and they’ve scheduled time at an Austin rehearsal space to work on more material. They hope to make enough progress to book studio sessions by as early as June. No decision has been made yet about where the band will record the LP or who will produce it.’

When they questioned frontman Craig Finn as to what their latest material sounds like, he replied: ‘This is in the same vein of the kind of songs that we had a lot of on the last record, of an older and wiser person saying to someone else, ‘You know, this might be some good advice.”

‘There’s a long tradition of those throughout rock & roll, and that’s what we’ve been doing a lot of over the last couple records.’

The Hold Steady recently treated crowds in Texas to a taste of what’s to come, debuting two tracks - ‘Wait Awhile’ and an a-yet-untitled piece - at their trio of shows.

The band’s last studio album ‘Heaven Is Wherever’ was released back in 2010.

Craig Finn is currently on tour in support of his debut solo album ‘Clear Heart Full Eyes’ and you can watch him perform a very special DIY session for us below.

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