The Neu Bulletin (27th August 2013)

Your Tuesday new music guide. Kagoule and some minor noise feature.

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Dark Bells, Neils Children, Kagoule - London, Madame Jojos
Monarchy/Mudhole by Kagoule

A White Heat night in Soho lures in the force of Nottingham’s Kagoule. The ridiculous progression of that band is something to behold, worth witnessing in full when seeing them live. Sydney-raised group Dark Bells and Neils Children complete the bill.

some minor noise - Aeroplanes

Lower case band name because the noise is minor, ok? Understand? Cool. Toronto’s Jane Void and Wayne Duo put a hell of a lot of thought into their synth-rinsed songwriting. ‘Who needs wings when you’ve got aeroplanes’, they stir, in turn taking the fast lane by producing pristine house-indebted blasts with rough edges to nestle in.

Brothers - Super Slinky

It comes with great pleasure to report that Brothers genuinely do consist of two siblings. Joel and Ethan Hurts make up one half of the Cardiff group. Together, their approach is fairly straightforward: Make the odd nod to bands of old while switching the system-works and creating something sneaky, mischievous and downright cheeky in approach. ‘Super Slinky’ is the classroom scamp with all the attitude in the world.

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