News The Temper Trap: ‘We Love Playing To Larger Numbers’

It’s almost time for Truck 2012, so we figured we’d have a quick chat with a couple of the acts to be gracing this year’s bill.

It's almost time for Truck 2012, so we figured we'd have a quick chat with a couple of the acts to be gracing this year's bill. We had a brief catch up with Jonny Aherne of headliners The Temper Trap ahead of their headline set tomorrow.

Hello! How're you doing, and what've you been up to recently?
We've playing loads of shows and spending loads of time on the road between the nine countries visited so far on this tour

How're you feeling about playing this year's Truck Festival?
We are super excited to play and to showcase our new material!!

How do you go about preparing for a festival set, in comparison to a regular show?
We try to keep the tunes upbeat and play our hearts out!!

What're you favourite parts about playing festivals, and what do you absolutely hate?
We love playing to larger numbers, which is always thrilling to us and we hate that there is never enough toilets!!

Is there anyone you're particularly looking forward to seeing at this year's Truck?
Dog Is Dead and loads of new bands that we haven't seen yet.

It's Truck's fifteenth birthday this year - first of all, how do you plan on making sure everyone at Truck is celebrating adequately, and secondly, do you remember how you celebrated your fifteenth birthday?
Probably hiding on my 15th B-day as I had a pimple that turned into a cyst! And we plan on getting involved in your B-Day celebrations!!

What're your plans for post-festival season?
More touring…
Thanks, Love Jonny

The Temper Trap are set to headline the Main Stage tomorrow, on Saturday 21st July.


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