News The Wonder Years To Release ‘A Year As A Ghost’ Book

The band will release 200-page book, detailing their life on the road, along with a slew of yet-to-be-heard b-sides.

The Wonder Years have revealed plans to release a brand new 200-page book, entitled 'A Year As A Ghost', detailing their life on the road in support of their latest album.

With the title taken from their the opening track of their newest album ('Surburbia, I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing'), the band will release the book as a 200-page, soft cover, full colour look into their lives on the road for the past two years.

The release will also come complete with a download card, allowing you a full copy of the album, alongside eleven unheard b-sides, which have yet to be released.

You can pre-order the book here.

The full tracklisting is as follows.

1. Came Out Swinging
2. Woke Up Older
3. Local Man Ruins Everything
4. Suburbia
5. My Life as a Pigeon
6. Summers in PA
7. I Won't Say the Lord's Prayer
8. Coffee Eyes
9. I've Given You All
10. Don't Let Me Cave In
11. You Made Me Want to be a Saint
12. Hoodie Weather
13. And Now I'm Nothing
14. My Life as Rob Gordon
15. Me vs the Highway
16. Living Room Song
17. Don't Let Me Cave In (Nervous Energies)
18. Woke Up Older (Acoustic)
19. Local Man Ruins Everything (Acoustic)
20. Came Out Swinging (Demo)
21. Don't Let Me Cave In (Demo)
22. Coffee Eyes (Live Demo)
23. Woke Up Older (Live Demo)
24. It's Murder-Suicide (Nu-Metal Jam)

'Surburbia, I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing' was released in 2011 through Hopeless Records.


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