THEESatisfaction - Awe Naturale

A largely enjoyable debut from this versatile duo.


Comprising of Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, THEESatisfaction is a Seattle based singing/rapping duo that’ve been making music for quite some time, having self-released a string of albums, EPs and singles since 2008. Perhaps most well known for featuring on Shabazz Palace’s 2011 debut full length ‘Black Up’, the duo’s first proper release ‘Awe Naturale’ shares a label with Shabazz on Sub Pop and he even puts in an appearance on ‘God’.

‘Awe Naturale’ swerves between chilled out jazz and old hip-hop beats with Irons and Harris-White’s also alternating between smooth-like-honey vocals and a smooth flow. With artists such as Flying Lotus marrying jazz with more modern elements, ‘THEESatisfaction’ take similar leaps and add soul into the equation. ‘Bitch’ sounds like old M.I.A material, featuring rhythmic clapping and half rapping/half storytelling. ‘Earthseed’ sees the introduction of fast flow that’s hard to keep up with, and they censor themselves, stating they ‘couldn’t give a uh about a fascist’.

Elsewhere, bits of 60s psychedelia creeps in over old hip-hop beats and jazz elements, on lead single ‘QueenS’. Rap-heavy track ‘Deeper’ even introduces some tongue in cheek humour from the duo with lyrics like ‘When you look at the surface / The world is flat / Flatter than your ass.’ Often on ‘Awe Naturale’, the songs are suddenly cut off before they get into their stride and leave you wanting more of their soulful jams with a rap twist. Regardless, this is a largely enjoyable debut from this versatile duo.