Neu Theo Verney

It’s only a matter of time until Theo Verney’s name becomes the main draw.


: Theo Verney
Based: Brighton
Listen: ‘Moving Forever
Similar to: Ty Segall, King Tuff

Imagine a stereotypical , picture-perfect garage rock star and you’ll probably be quite close to figuring out Theo Verney. He has long strands of hair that perfectly obscure his face and a Gibson SG that sits menacingly around his neck. The Brighton musician is also a happy-go-lucky dude. Apart from when powering out his anthemic brand of scuzzy rock, he’s unlikely to break into a sweat about many things.

What really sets Theo apart from the rest of the pedal stomping pack is his expertly crafted songs that have been released on coveted independent labels, Italian Beach Babes and Art Is Hard. On ‘Don’t Care’ he drags the listener into a swamp of exhilarating and sludgy noise, whilst ‘Moving Forever’ is a hypnotising beast with jaded psychedelic twists. It becomes even more impressive when you learn that his ‘T.V EP’ was recorded, played and produced entirely by himself. Clever sod.

He’s becoming hot property, best illustrated perhaps by Parquet Courts asking him to do the honours of kicking of proceedings for them at a recent London show. It’s only a matter of time until Theo Verney’s name becomes the main draw.


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