These New Puritans Reveal Album Details, Stream ‘Fragment Two’

Infectious Music release Jack Barnett and co.’s new album this June.

These New Puritans have shared the first track from their third album, ‘Field of Reeds’, as well as details on the album’s recording and special guests.

‘Fragment Two’ is an eerie introduction to Jack Barnett and co.’s follow-up to 2010’s ‘Hidden’. You might recognise its closing section from the album teaser trailer that was revealed last month, but everything that precedes the horn-section coda is intentionally abrupt, echoing TNP’s obtuse style that’s become such a staple from ‘Hidden’ onwards.

The album was recorded during sessions in Berlin, London and the West Country. Guests such as Adrian Peacock, dutch composer Michel van der Aa and trumpeter Henry Lowther appear on ‘Field of Reeds’. Elisa Rodrigues, pictured amongst the band above, is an addition to the line-up.

The album tracklist:

1. This Guy’s In Love With You
2. Fragment Two
3. The Light In Your Name
4. V (Island Song)
5. Spiral
6. Organ Eternal
7. Nothing Else
8. Dream
9. Field of Reeds

Stream ‘Fragment Two’ below - Infectious Music release ‘Field Of Reeds’ on 10th June:

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