Features Track By Track: Us Baby Bear Bones - What Starts With A U Ends With An I

Brighton dream pop trio give us a full stream of their debut EP and briefly talk us through each song ahead of release.

Brighton's Us Baby Bear Bones have come a long way from their folky roots. Their sound today - all pounding beats and beautiful synth sounds - is almost unrecognisable from the now trio's first acoustic-based demos. What started out as fairly cutesy and twee now sits comfortably alongside the likes of School Of Seven Bells and Blue Hawaii. That's no mean feat. Somehow this is their debut EP - it's been a long time coming and it's all the better for it. This is beautiful, magical stuff.

Ahead of its release through Love Thy Neighbour on Monday (10th June) Puff Gandolfo, Daisy Emily Warne (both pictured above) and Luke Phillips (who is absent from the press shot - maybe the flowery dress didn't suit his figure?) give us a very brief guide to the five songs that make up 'What Starts With A U Ends With An I'. Preferring the songs to do the majority of the talking themselves, usefully we've also got an exclusive full stream of it.


My fingers and the stars are crossed.


Cruelly this song is a bitter reprisal, revenge is a dish best served at 130.5 BPM.


When the leaves fell, the fall came and a decision was made. Written when the day had his longest hours in anticipation of the shortfall.


The words in this song are about the paradox of when every part of something changes but its essence is the same. A person is like the ship of Theseus.


When something’s not right, it’s left. I think everybody has gotten their left and right confused at some point but sometimes what’s left isn’t what’s right.

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