News Watch A Surreal Lady Gaga Performance Art Video With Marina Abramovic

Gaga contributes to Abramovic’s Kickstarter campaign by hugging a block of ice. Really.

Very few album campaigns go in this direction. The build-up to Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' has involved dodgy leaks, promised projection dates of new singles and now this: A performance art video filmed alongside Marina Abramovic, famed Serbian artist.

It's not for the faint-hearted. Gaga doesn't burst into 'Poker Face', that's for sure. Instead she likes on a hardwood floor, wails out a persistent 'ehhhhh' chant and doesn't really stop. The pitch of the chant gets higher and in turn, Gaga gets a little bit more naked.

She then proceeds to guy a block of ice, sit on the thing, visibly grimacing at one point. Nobody's born this way.

Watch Lady Gaga's surreal performance art piece below (not safe for work). It's been produced to help boost Abramovic's Kickstarter campaign to fund a new museum.


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