News Watch: Bloody Knees Share Video For ‘Ears, Eyes, Ohs, And Yous’

Cambridge lo-fi surf-punks set to release the self-titled EP through Heart Throb Records in June.

As much as one shouldn't be prejudicial, a listen to the lo-fi surf-punk of Cambridge's Bloody Knees immediately gets you thinking of one thing: I bet this band likes pizza, beer, and skateboarding. That they recently supported FIDLAR (and that they are human beings...) only wafts oxygen to the flames of this completely unfounded hypothesis.

It does seem that at least one third of those ridiculous presumptions is true, as explained by vocalist and guitarist Bradley Griffiths in a press release:

'We all grew up together hanging out at car parks and listening to the Misfits. My day job is cleaning in a hospital, it's pretty grim, maybe the obsession with blood and puke comes from that too? [The name] Bloody Knees comes from being a kid and Skateboarding - coming home with grazed knees was just a sign I’d had a good day skating.'

And a watch of the four-piece's new video for song 'Ears, Eyes, Ohs, And Yous' suggests that the two other hypothesised interests could well be correct too.

Documenting a pretty messy house-party, the quick-cutting video flashes between shots of excitable guys in skinny jeans drinking beer and eating pizza. Maybe pre-judging people is okay after all?

The song is taken from the band's forthcoming self-titled EP, set for release on Heart Throb Records (part-run by DIY new music editor Jamie Milton) on 17th June.

Check out the video below, and catch the band live at their EP launch show at London's Old Blue Last on 19th June.


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