Watch: Blur Play Two New Songs On A London Rooftop Tonight

DIY has a direct stream of the performance from the Britpop foursome.

The above player will stream the performances from 6:15pm BST tonight (Monday 2nd July) - check back then for more!

Last week, Blur’s secretive plans were unravelled and we discovered that the band were due to perform two brand new tracks, ‘Under The Westway’ and ‘The Puritan’, live on a London rooftop.

And, well, because we’re all pretty excited about things in DIY towers too, we’ve got our hands on a direct stream of the performance itself.

So if you want to catch a blow-by-blow account of what’s going down at the unknown location, check out the performance tonight at 6.15pm and 7.15pm.

The band will also be conducting a live Twitter chat between the performance of each track.

News of the performance itself, was unveiled by Alex James in a recent video, during which he explained: ‘Monday 2nd July, somewhere in London, on a rooftop, we will be performing both new songs for the first time, live on Twitter. Which is the first time anything like that’s happened,’ he explains.

‘Very exciting. Two new tracks written specifically for the Hyde Park show on August 12th. Two tracks to show completely different sides to Blur. There’s ‘The Puritan’ which is a big and bouncy, up and at ‘em, sing-along special. And ‘Under The Westway’ is more a hymn. But I think both will go down very well.’

In typical Blur style, James goes on to say this may well be the end for the band. Or it may not. ‘Who knows if it will ever happen again. If this is the end, or the beginning of the next chapter.’

Following the live stream, both songs will be available to download. A limited edition double-A 7-inch single will be released by Parlophone on 6th August.

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