News Watch Broken Bells Cover The Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’

Danger Mouse and James Mercer recruited a televised version of Ringo Starr for their performance.

Brian Burton - better known as Danger Mouse and one half of Broken Bells - is a well-known Beatles fan. His breakthrough mixtape 'The Grey Album' cleverly matched up classics from the Liverpool band with Jay-Z - thereafter he's been known as one of the hottest producers in the game, right up to the present day where he's working with U2.

Alongside the release of 'After The Disco', both sides of Broken Bells combined for a special cover of The Beatles' 'And I Love Her', aired on Letterman. The performance makes use of archive drum footage of Ringo Starr, screened on an old school set that looks like it's come right out of Mad Men.

Watch the cover below:

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