News Watch: Childhood Unveil ‘Pinballs’ Video

Video looks back on Childhood’s recent tour with Palma Violets and Telegram.

Without sounding inane and grumpy, an awful lot of 'tour videos' end up playing out like being forced to look through snaps from your best mate's summer holiday. Sure, it looks nice and often a barrel of laughs, but it's difficult to care.

Something different plays out in 'Pinballs', the Dan Kendall-directed film that shows Childhood taking to the stage during Palma Violets' 'Rattlesnake Rodeo Tour'.

As each city looms, the band get more confident, playing venues ten times the size of ones they'd have envisaged when starting out. 'Pinballs' looks like one of those 'making of the band' moments, where a group discovers who they really are. It also contains beer, drunken activities and a member of Telegram looking truly out of his mind as Childhood's Ben plays an acoustic guitar (see 2:42).

Speedy Wunderground release 'Pinballs' on 13th January as a 7' single.


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Childhood, Oslo, London

Childhood, Oslo, London

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