News Watch: Childhood Unveil ‘Solemn Skies’ Video

Now London-residing group get cute with matching jumpers, and puppies.

As RockFeedback points out, Childhood come off looking like a veritable boy band in the newly showcased 'Solemn Skies' video. The One Direction of blissed-out, flower-addled scuzz-pop, then?

These guys go gung-ho for looking like heart throbs, the group taking to New Forest wearing - to begin with - matching flower-patterned shirts, then matching folk-jumpers, and it's all interchanged with the shot of cute Jake Russell puppies licking various band member's faces. So cute it ends up being one of the coolest videos in yonks.

Watch Childhood's 'Solemn Skies' video below. ‘Solemn Skies’ / ‘Semester is out now via House Anxiety / Marathon Artists.


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Childhood, Oslo, London

Childhood, Oslo, London

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