Watch: City And Colour Reveals New Video For ‘Thirst’

Taken from Dallas Green’s latest album ‘The Hurry And The Harm’, the track has now been given a mesmerising video treatment.

City and Colour have unveiled the brand new video for ‘Thirst’.

Taken from Dallas Green’s latest album ‘The Hurry And The Harm’, ‘Thirst’ also marks the first time that Green attempted to write a song for another artist, before keeping it for his own record.

‘Thirst’, I originally started writing for somebody else. It was for a project that I had been asked to write a song for,’ he explained to DIY. ‘So, I wrote that song not really thinking about me, more just… I always shied away from things like that because I didn’t think I would be able to do it, because my songs are so me-centric, so I wrote that song and the lyrics were just like… Obviously, you could listen to it and lyrically it resonates with the things I’ve written about in the past, but that was my attempt to ask, can I put as much emotion behind a song that I’m not really writing about something that happened to me?

‘Then, the project went away and I listened to the song and realised, I like this song, I’m gonna keep it. So, that’s new ground for me.’

Check out the mesmerising visual clip for said ditty below.

‘The Hurry And The Harm’, Green’s fourth album, is out now on Cooking Vinyl.

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