Watch: Eyedress Reveal ‘Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold’ Video

Posing and preening is the order of the day in accompanying the finest effort of Filipino-pop we’ve ever come across.

Our knowledge of Filipino-pop is unfortunately limited, although Eyedress’ latest song and video gives indication that this genre is just like every other strand of chilled-out dream-pop, only it’s a little cooler all-round.

Whether it’s some kind of ironic twist or if Eyedress and the actress Alessandra De Rossi just really like their sunglasses and patterned outfits, we can’t tell. But ‘Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold’ is the kind of track that compels you to drop your list of tasks, find the nearest travel agent and book a trip to South East Asia for a lifetime or two.

Directed by Julius Valledor, stream the new video below.

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