News Watch: Foxes Reveals ‘Holding Onto Heaven’ Video

The track gets taken from her forthcoming album ‘Glorious’, which is released on 12th May.

The release date for Foxes' forthcoming debut album is getting closer by the moment, and now she's back with a new video to spark yet more excitement.

The latest clip to come from Louisa Rose Allen is a more polarising affair: 'Holding Onto Heaven' sees the singer take centre stage at a party. It just happens to takes place in two alternative universes...

One world sees her in a much more shy and retiring guise, whilst the other is a much more outgoing vision of Allen. Which is the more realistic version, you might wonder? Well, you'll have to watch the whole clip to find out.

Check out 'Holding Onto Heaven' below.

Foxes' debut album 'Glorious' is released on 12th May.


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