Watch: Santigold Performs ‘Disparate Youth’ On A Rooftop

The set took place in front of just 100 people.

Santigold has performed her track ‘Disparate Youth’ as part of Sony Entertainment Network Ibiza, and you can watch the footage above. The set took place in front of just 100 people, and marks the first of a set of gigs to take place on the Es Vivé rooftop. She also played: ‘L.E.S. Artistes’; ‘You’ll Find A Way’; ‘God From The Machine’; ‘Big Mouth’; ‘Creator’; Major Lazer track, ‘Hold The Line’; ‘Lights Out’; ‘The Keepers’; ‘Say Aha’; and ‘Freak Like Me’.

We recently had a chat with Santigold about her new album ‘Master Of My Make Believe’, from which many of the tracks were taken. She told us: ‘I was kind of at the helm of this one, I had to really dig down and find my confidence and have a tremendous amount of trust in my creative vision. A lot of times, I really felt completely by myself. I switched management, I switched labels. It was hard and there was a lot of doubt involved in the beginning. I had to figure out how I could just be really calm and confident.’

Read the full interview here.

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