News Watch: The Big Pink Showcase Video For ‘Lose My Mind’

The Big Pink released their second album ‘Future This’ through 4AD back in January.

The Big Pink have unveiled their brand new video for 'Lose My Mind'.

Following on from their last effort 'Give It Up', the new visual clip from the duo was directed by Rob Hawkins.

Watch the frenzied strobe-laden effort above.

The Big Pink released their second album 'Future This' through 4AD back in January.

Speaking to us earlier this year, the duo had this to say about their latest effort: “The heartbeat of the record is actually in the thought process. Making music is quite easy, knowing what you want to make is probably the hard thing. And, we knew while touring that we wanted to make a faster, more fluid, upbeat record.”

“This time, we were like ‘let’s write a song,’ get the bare bones of the song down – the verse and chorus, and then move on to the next one. We did about two [songs] a week over a three-month period. We knew that we were going to work with Epworth on it, so we didn’t lose our minds in the detail - we didn’t go nuts on every hi-hat sound. We knew we weren’t going to finish the songs, that we were going to go in to the studio and work with a producer, so that afforded us the chance to be really quick and get songs out and done, then move on. We wrote quite a lot of songs.”

To read our full interview with the band, head here.


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