Watch: These New Puritans Air ‘Organ Eternal’ Video

Highlight from ‘Field of Reeds’ gains a minimal visual companion.

These New Puritans have aired the video for ‘Organ Eternal’, a highlight off ‘Field of Reeds’, out now on Infectious.

Initially this track was getting all sorts of comparisons to ‘Tubular Bells’, but this directorial debut from Willy Vandenperre highlights how it’s a fair distance from creepy spinning heads and everything else associated with ‘The Exorcist”s theme.

Minimal space is the big draw, interspersed with shots of some distant memories; those famed ‘Field…”s cropping up into the frame. From a bird’s eye view you can witness all of Jack Barnett and co.’s jealously-inducing musical talent, from one piano key to the next.

Watch These New Puritans’ ‘Organ Eternal’ below.

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