News Watch: Vision Fortune Share ‘XVII’ Video

Song from the noisy, experimental London trio is taken from their excellent Faux Discx and Gringo-released debut album.

What do you call a deer with poor eyesight? No idea, mate. No idea.

But I guess you wouldn't call it Vision Fortune, who today follow the release of their excellent debut full-length with the unveiling of a video for album track 'XVII'.

Taken from 'Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune', which gained release jointly through independent labels Faux Discx and Gringo last month, 'XVII' is a fantastic representation of the driving, experimental loops and drones you'll find on the record.

That the London trio choose to shoot a video for a song over seven minutes in length says a lot about them. They care far more their art than they do for any logistical or 'marketing' difficulties that might create.

The video for 'XVII' is pretty much the perfect accompaniment for the track, too . Focusing on a twisting and turning dancer, it loops and flashes and switches from dark to light and back again. Your eyes can't look away, much like your ears can't switch off. It gets your head fully into a spin.

Watch it, via The Quietus, below:


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