In partnership with Spotify The Neu Bulletin (Curated by Biig Piig)

We’re handing over the reins to Biig Piig, to take us through some of the new music highlights featured in her Spotify Our Generation takeover.

Every week at DIY, we share the Neu Bulletin; our guide to all the best new music released over the past week. And while we usually give you our verdict on loads of new tracks from exciting, emerging artists, this week we’re doing something a little different…

To celebrate the relaunch of Spotify’s Our Generation playlist, this week we’ve handed the reins over to Biig Piig aka Jess Smyth, our Class of 2020 alumni who’s taken things over this week. In this edition of the Neu Bulletin, we team up with Jess to give you the lowdown on some of the tracks that have been included her takeover of Our Generation.

From Arlo Parks to Bel Cobain, Lava La Rue to Dizzy Fae, there are loads of incredible new artists to discover below. Dig into some of Biig Piig’s selections below, and check out her full takeover now.

Bel Cobain - Introverted Stoner

I think she makes a lot of impact with simplicity, and that’s something I relate to loads. Her lyrics as well are so, so good, and the way that she writes on the beat is really nice. I think it’s really honest and really vulnerable, and her voice is so good! (Biig Piig)

Arlo Parks - Black Dog

I think everything that Arlo puts out is just incredible. I’ve been listening to this tune in particular loads. The whole idea behind the metaphor of ‘Black Dog’ is really cool, and I think she’s another [artist] who puts across emotion but puts it so simply. It really feels like she’s talking directly to you. She’s really cool. (Biig Piig)

Maliki - Consortium

An intricate, powerful offering - introduced by a marriage of haunting piano notes and and percussive beats which soon give way to a bold saxophone - ‘Consortium’ feels like an incredibly accomplished track. Moving fluidly between the kind of foreboding piano sections that’d soundtrack many a dramatic film scene, back into more vibrant sonic territories, this instrumental is a deft, masterful move. (DIY)

Lava La Rue - TLSL (Stitches)

This is the track that came out last year and it’s one of my favourite tracks of hers so far. I love it so much. It reminds me of summer and reminds me of better times, having drinks, going out, doing whatever. I feel like summer in London is captured so well in that tune, and I got a bit nostalgic with it and knew this needed to go on there. (Biig Piig)

Celeste & Gotts Street Park - Both Sides of the Moon

Released way before Celeste was soundtracking John Lewis ads and Netflix films, ‘Both Sides of the Moon’ still feels just as rich and reflective as it did when it was first released over a year ago. Equal parts fragile and powerful, it’s a spellbinding, jazz-infused offering that showcases just how evocative and poignant her vocals can be. (DIY)

Dizzy Fae - I’m Good

Dizzy Fae’s incredible. She came on our tour as support last year, and just her presence on stage was mad, and she was an amazing dancer as well. She had this microphone that would lower the tones of her voice, so she was speaking but it was coming out really low - it was like ‘What’s happening?!’ It was sick. (Biig Piig)

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