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Cult of Youth’s vocalist Sean Ragon likes records. He likes records so much he has his own record shop back home in Brooklyn. He likes records so much he wanted to talk us through those he’s been buying recently while the band were touring in Europe.

‘In this day and age’, he begins, explaining his music-purchasing ethos on a side-street near London’s Brick Lane, ‘anything that you want, you can always buy it. And in a way that takes the fun out of record collecting. When I was a teenager in the 90s, you’d go in to a shop and not only would you not know what you’d be able to find, because information about music wasn’t as readily available then as it is now, you might just learn something that you never even knew existed. You might find out about this pocket of something because the guy at the shop might be like ‘oh, have you heard of this?’ and you’d say no, and he’d say ‘dude, I gotta tell you about this’. So there’s this idea that something mysterious could just appear in front of you, whereas everything’s so categorised via the Internet, it’s like that mystery is gone. And so I try not to buy records online - other than new releases, which is different - but used stuff, it’s more fun to just show up somewhere and not know what you’re gonna find, and get something you’ve always wanted, but didn’t expect to see.’

The Homosexuals - Hearts In Exile. It’s certainly their first 7-inch, I don’t know if they did anything else before this. It’s a classic DIY single, and I’ve never seen one that’s come with this insert before. I’ve been passively looking for this for at least ten years, and so it was a nice surprise when I went in to a record shop right across the street from the venue we played in last night (Kristina Records), and it was right there for me to snatch up.

Wretched / Indigesti split 7’. This is a bootleg of what is pretty much the holy grail of Italian hardcore. Wretched were really blast-out, super-noisy hardcore, kinda like Discharge, heavy-fast, where Indigesti were a little bit more melodic, and on some of their later records almost sounded like Bad Brains a little. An original of this would be $500 or more, so a bootleg that’s an accurate reproduction with stamped cover and the inserts reproduced is a pretty good find.

Discharge - Fight Back. I already had one - but now I have two! It’s a classic, and I’m sure I can find a friend back home who would like it.

Action Pact - Suicide Bag. This is a classic ‘82 single, it’s about glue huffing, as you can see with the guy on the front. ‘Throw away that suicide bag’ is the chorus. I’ve always wanted one of this record, so it was a nice surprise to find it.

Menace - Screwed Up / Insane Society. This is the first Menace 7-inch. You can’t do any wrong with Menace, they never released a bad record, ever. I saw them play a reunion show at CBGB’s in 2000, 2001, they were great. They ran out of songs ‘cause I think they only had about ten songs, so they played the whole set again and people still wouldn’t let them leave the stage, so then they played the songs again with the audience getting to go up and sing it! I think of all the classic, first-generation ‘77 punk bands, Menace might be my favourite, because every single song’s an anthem. I didn’t have this so I’m very happy to find it.

Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line. ‘I walk the line between good and evil…’ just… what can I say, it’s classic stuff. I didn’t have this on vinyl so I’m happy to have it, to throw it on, DJ it. At any goth night this is just a staple, you know?

Blitz - All Out Attack EP. This is… God, I don’t want to get this wrong! But I think it’s the first Blitz record, maybe? It’s from 1981 I think, first pressed with a stamped label, then it had a white label, then they reissued it with a printed label. Nonetheless, this is another one I’ve wanted for a long time. Blitz were a really great band. They started out more as an Oi! band, and then they reinvented themselves and did a real, killer new-wave influenced record that’s also pretty classic.

Utmarken #44. This here is a cassette compilation released by Utmarken. I don’t know all the bands on here, I know about half of them. Lust For Youth is kinda synthy stuff, Sewer Election is more harsh noise. It’s three tapes, each band gets a side, and there’s a nice little booklet. I bought it at the Posh Isolation shop in Denmark. If anyone is in Copenhagen, I highly recommend paying a visit. They’re only open on Fridays - and only by appointment.

Tape by Handofdust

Hand of Dust - Tape. This is a really great band we played with in Denmark. They released the tape at the show, and I got a few copies - one for myself, and a few to bring home for some friends. They’re a really unique band. I hate describing new bands, because I feel like I’m gonna get it wrong, and they’ll be ‘that’s not what we sound like at all!’.

Cult of Youth’s new album ‘Love Will Prevail’ is out now via Sacred Bones.

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