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Huw Oliver talks to the breaking artist about Katy B comparisons and the success of her latest single.

Fame and success have swiftly pounced upon South London garage-pop singer Daisy Syron-Russell. Following a feature on Rudimental’s ‘Spoons’, and plaudits from the XX and Popjustice, the future star releases her bassy nu-garage anthem ‘Breaking’ on the upcoming Black Butter imprint in just three weeks. DIY caught up with Syron in the studio to talk Rottweilers, collabs and 19 year old girl shit.

Considering you only dropped ‘Breaking’ a couple of weeks ago, there’s quite a lot of buzz surrounding you already. Does it feel good?
It’s really good. I mean it wasn’t expected at all. I didn’t really know what to expect, but there’s only been positive feedback at the moment, so that’s amazing. I know at some point, that won’t be the case; it won’t always be like this. But the YouTube video was only put on yesterday and it’s got just over 5,000 views or something now, which is incredible.

How do you think it came about so quickly?
I think doing the song ‘Spoons’ with Rudimental has definitely made a difference because, straight after that, their following song went to number one. That meant everyone who bought that would see that they had these other songs, like ‘Spoons’, and then go on to check out my stuff.

So, how did you hook up with Rudimental?
MNEK had written the song with them and I was working in the studio next to him. They wanted a girl to sing on it, so they just asked me to come down, and it worked.

Is ‘Breaking’ just a straightforward break-up song?
Yeah, it is. It’s quite simplistic in its lyrics and pretty easy to understand. It’s just about breaking up with someone and wishing that you could still be with them and feel that way, but you’re not supposed to because you’re not with them anymore.

Did you enjoy filming the video?
We had so much fun. We had a Rottweiler for the day – called Ruby – so that was fun. I’m obsessed with dogs, but unfortunately she isn’t mine. I was upset that she couldn’t go home with me.

What was the thinking behind the vintage feel to the video?
It was supposed to be about memories. You keep, like, remembering when you saw him here, and when saw him there, bla bla bla bla. You’re thinking about all the times and places you’d been with him.

There are a lot of nu-garage pop acts around at the moment – Little Nikki, AlunaGeorge, Katy B, Jessie Ware, etc. Do you feel any kind of affinity with this new wave of pop artists?
Obviously, there have been a lot of comparisons made between me and a lot of other artists, but I don’t really compare myself to any of them, to be honest. Katy B, I love, and I think she’s great, but still, there are a lot of big differences between what she does and what I do. Some of the people I’ve been compared to have been amazing artists, who I’m really into, but I’d never really compare myself to anyone. I’d never base my music on anything, really.

So, where would you say you draw your inspiration from?
What I write about is just everyday life. It’s mostly things which most 19 year old girls could relate to. It’s not totally weird or abstract, just normal 19 year old girl stuff. The actual beats and music are just inspired by the stuff I heard when I started going out. There was lots of garage and house stuff, and now it’s all coming round again.

What are you recording in the studio right now?
At the moment, I’m really just making loads and loads of music and working with loads of different producers, so when it does come to album time, I’ve got a lot of stuff to choose from, so it’s not just like making music for the sake of getting an album out. It’s making loads of music which I’m happy with, so I can then pick and choose what I want to go on the album. My next single – which I’ve already recorded – called ‘Here’ – should be coming out at the end of October. And I’m doing a feature on a Tensnake song, which is coming out at the beginning of October I think.

So, which producers are you working with, or do you plan to work with?
I’ve worked with Hackman, Huxley, Eats Everything, Great Skies and M.J. Cole, who I worked with the day before yesterday. He was great.

Who produced current single ‘Breaking’?
The Elite and Woz from Black Butter did some extra production.

How did the release gig go?
That was so much fun. It was like my own party yet it wasn’t my birthday or anything so I got really overexcited. There were so many people there, which I really wasn’t expecting. Until the second I was going to go onstage it was kind of a little dead, so we pushed me going on back by half an hour, and all of a sudden all these people turned up. The songs went well, but there were a few technical difficulties with microphones and stuff.

Who do you play live with?
A girl called Mitch, who DJs while I sing, mixing everything together and that kind of thing.

Syron plays on 12th September at Apartment 58 in Soho, 21st September at the East Ender festival in Hackney, and then Madame JoJo’s on the 23rd October

Watch one of Daisy’s earlier collaborations, pre-‘Breaking’, with Rudimental, feat. MNEK: ‘Spoons’.

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