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Neu covers all topics from literature to cinema to hone in at the cultural upbringing that makes Jethro Fox the musician he is today.

Jethro Fox spends many an hour sitting by his piano, playing in grand venues like churches, all while his music gains a stronger reputation online as each hour passes. Neu first waxed lyrical on his confessional, all-encompassing pop songs back in January. This week we decided to get to know Fox a little better, ahead of his new single on Tough Love Records, out this week (stream below). Covering cinema, literature and musical faux-pas, we learned as much as we possibly could about the upcoming star’s habits and cultural upbringing.

First film that made you cry
Probably not what you were expecting, but Terminator 2. The bit at the end where Arnie has to be lowered into the molten steel, but that shouty kid has to do it manually because Arnie ‘cannot self-terminate’. That moment where he gives the thumbs-up gets me every time. If you don’t cry at that, then you’re not a real person. I’ve seen that film about 30 times now.

First piece of music which you felt compelled to play for hours on end:

‘Everything In Its Right Place’ by Radiohead. The opening chords are very powerful. The way the track builds gradually throughout is so subtle too, I love it. When I first heard it I just thought it was the most dramatic, spine-tingling piece of music ever - I definitely played this one over and over again.

Biggest literary hero:
Isaac Asimov. When I was a kid I got really into his Foundation series. For those that haven’t read it, it’s an epic sci-fi saga where the plot spans hundreds of years, across different planets and civilizations, but the thing to remember is that he started writing it in the 50’s. The scope and creativity of the project is incredible; I think he was really ahead of his time.

Worst musical habit, writing or recording:
When I’m at home making demos, I sometimes have a habit of recording one 10 second section that I’m really happy with, and then listening to it on a loop, over and over again, while I get some other ideas together for the rest of the track. After a few minutes I’ve decided that it’s the shittiest 10 seconds of music to ever grace the planet. Listening to sections on a loop is such a bad habit - you lose the context of the whole track and you end up second guessing your own abilities.

Most underrated band still around today:

I think the American band Milagres are a really underrated group. They’ve only appeared recently but I think that their new album ‘Glowing Mouth’ is killer - it deserves real acclaim. While I’m at it, I think the most criminally underrated band ever is Yourcodenameis:milo. Such an inventive, exciting band; it’s a big shame they broke up.

Worst gig you’ve ever played
During my early teens, I played guitar in my first band, which was this kind of alt-rock outfit. We had a headline slot booked in this big club, and we decided to get some beers for the train ride; I really couldn’t handle my ale and ended up hammered. The place was packed and it should’ve been great, but in my inebriated state, I decided to replace pretty much every riff or verse or chorus with a guitar solo. I was even doing them over the top of the quiet bits. It was terrible. After ten minutes the place emptied and we were there on our own. Lesson learned!

Greatest site on the internet
This. Press any button and you can pretend to be a computer hacker straight out of Mission Impossible or something. I get a really childish kick out of it.

Best Youtube find
The other day, I somehow stumbled across this lecture by David Icke. In this video he argues that the moon is not the moon, but is in fact an abandoned, inter-dimensional space ship. Bizarre but strangely riveting.

Greatest piece of advice you’ve ever had:
‘Hate is exhausting’

And one final quote…?
As above.

Jethro Fox’s latest single, ‘Blinding Light’ is out now on Tough Love Records.

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