Festivals 60 Seconds At SXSW: All Tiny Creatures

‘I was just like, turned my head, like ‘later Moby, I don’t give a shit”

Thomas and Andy sat down with us to talk the festival, BBQ and black metal. A friendly chat in a loud coffee shop on the edge of town.

Have you guys played SXSW before?
Thomas: Yep, this is the third year with this band, and I played in Collection Encounters with Bees four years ago, so it’s four years at this festival. I think this is gonna be the last one. I’m pretty sure I think that’s true.
Andy: You mentioned that last year maybe about this year.
Thomas: Yeah, I’m pretty serious.
Andy: Driving is becoming, I mean, yeah we are not quite at the point where we can fly with our stuff.
Thomas: I have a giant box of stuff that I can’t not have, so…
Andy: I mean after yesterday hearing that Eddie, talking about losing $3,000 worth of gear and the airline was just like, whoops sorry, we lost your case! He was depressed for a month and I can see the same thing happening to me. If I lost my pedal board case, I would be… done. It’s stuff I’ve had for fifteen years that I rely on.

Has it changed drastically over the last 4 years?
Thomas: I don’t know, I remember there being more stuff that I was super excited to see, but that could be me. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the festival.
Andy: It was a lot easier to park closer, it has gotten progressively harder. I don’t know if that’s anything to do with anything.
Andy: We were talking last night about how we usually do a bunch of research and are like, alright, we want to see whatever… There were like four people talking and none of us had done any research.
Thomas: Maybe we’ll stumble into something. Like four years ago we stumbled into that fun showcase, where we saw Ducktails before I had ever heard of them, and Barn Owls.
Thomas: Dude, that was like, a really special experience. The rest of this was like that’s a cool metal band, I haven’t seen a metal band in a while. But that showcase was something special. That’s whats so great about this festival, the fact that there is the ability for something like that to happen.

BBQ or Tex Mex?
Thomas: Smitty’s, which is in Lockheart.
Andy: In Austin, Tex Mex. We don’t do BBQ in Austin ever.
Thomas: No, because we know what the real deal is, and that’s Smitty’s in Lockheart.

Do you have a favourite venue to play?
Thomas: We have done mostly smaller venues. What was that one that we played last year? Mohawk inside. It was a little smaller than where we played the year before, but sound-wise I think it was better. We haven’t played anywhere more than twice. We played at the 21st Street Co-op last year, and Andrew WK played there like 6 or 8 hours later.
Andy: This is like a co-op, like they mean it. It was weird Lord of the Flies action. I didn’t make it for him, but my friend did and the whole shit was just rocking because he was up on an upper level and it was just like, the whole place was just structurally unsound. Which I think is the best way to see Andrew WK.

So do you like daytime or evening shows better?
Thomas: Playing in the daytime is weird. This is like the only time we have ever played… That’s not true, we did Hopscotch Festival which is in North Carolina, which is really cool. There are similar day parties and stuff like that.
Andy: It’s a super condensed version…
Thomas: But uh, it’s kinda weird playing in the day, getting up and plugging in your instruments, it’s kinda like ‘what the fuck is going on?’.
Andy: I do like playing earlier versus we have to wait to play at 11pm and you have the whole day.
Thomas: That’s true, getting it over with is kind of nice.

The tagline of Austin is Keep it Weird. What’s the weirdest thing to happen to you here?
Thomas: I have a good one. Do you know the black metal band 1349? No? Alright, there’s a black metal band called 1349, they are like serious black metal. The drummer, Frost, is in a black metal band called… He was involved in the whole church burning thing. Anyway, we went and saw them like 4 years ago and it was a big highlight for me seeing them. They do the whole ‘thing’, like corpse paint, fire breathing. They are from Norway. Anyway, so we saw that performance and it was great. My friend Dan and I were in the airport hanging out and eating BBQ or whatever and across the way we saw these guys. We were like, is that 1349? And it was tough to tell because there was no corpse paint, but some of them had remnants of eyeliner or whatnot so we went up to them and had our picture taken with them.
Andy: There is a great photo of all those dudes sitting at a table drinking beer all sullen and them Tom like smiley.
Thomas: So that was pretty weird. And then I saw Moby at the airport later.
Andy: Moby? And you just walked past him?
Thomas: He totally gave me this look like ‘yeah, you recognise me, no but like, you are going to say something, but I’m a nice guy so…’ He totally gave me that look and I was just like, turned my head, like ‘later Moby, I don’t give a shit’.

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