Festivals 60 Seconds At SXSW: California Wives

Dan, Joe, Jayson and Hans spare us 60 seconds.

Dan, Joe, Jayson and Hans spare us 60 seconds of their busy schedule to chat about all things SxSW.

Have you guys in any form played SxSW?
Joe: Nope. We’ve never even been to Austin before!

First Impressions?
Joe: It’s really insane.
Hans: I would enjoy it if we were here for fun, and I have really enjoyed playing, but my god it’s a nightmare to get around - exhausting.

This is a town of two foods: Tacos and BBQ. Which side do you land on?
Jayson: BBQ.
Joe: The tacos are good, but the BBQ is amazing!

Have you sampled much of the local cuisine?
Jayson: We haven’t really had a lot of time to eat, we’ve been stuffing our faces with whatever’s around. Free food, mostly.
Dan: We stopped at Rudy’s, which for a chain is really damn good.
Joe: You order by the pound!
Dan: You can’t order the sandwich, you order the meat and then they give you slices of bread and you assemble your own.
Joe: It smelled like brisket in the car for the rest of the trip.
Dan: I was burping for six hours.

This tends to be a conference rather than a festival, does it feel like that to you guys?
Hans: I think the biggest difference is that at most festivals you have a common area, and while there is sort of a common area here, with other festivals it’s like a field; you get to wander around and see different things. Here you have to have more of an itinerary of what you want to do.
Jayson: Planning this was interesting. When you go to play a festival you usually show up at that spot, you play that stage and then you leave, but here it’s insanely planned. You have to get to this place on time, the traffic can be bad or you can get lost… the roads are crazy here, but it’s cool!

Do the audiences feel different?
Joe: I can see how that could be true, but I think that people are mostly just excited to see some music, and that’s the perspective I’m trying to put into my mind when we play. I’m not thinking about someone who is evaluating whether or not they can affect our career trajectory.

What kind of shows do you like to play? Day or night?
Jayson: Anything really. I don’t have a preference as long as we sound good and people are there.

The motto of Austin is ‘Keep It Weird’. What’s the weirdest thing to happen to you in this city?
Hans: We just hit a car. What was weird was that we hit someone who lives three blocks away from me in Chicago. I got out of the car and was like, ‘Illinois plates, cool!’ ‘Yeah, let’s forget about this whole thing!’
Joe: Last night I was walking down the street and there were people with locked arms making people limbo under their arms on 6th street. That was pretty weird.
Dan: After we played yesterday, I walked out of the venue and there was this guy playing drums on the street and he was incredible. Like, amazing. It was just weird to me that the guy was on the street and not inside.
Joe: He played only two drums too.
Dan: Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

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