Festivals 60 Seconds At SXSW: The Death Set

‘It’s weird to see a bunch of crack falling out of someone’s mouth’

Smushed between one thing and another, The Death Set took a very short time to answer our roster of ‘very important’ questions about SXSW.

Have you guys played SXSW before? How has it changed?
Johnny: Yes, this is our fifth year. We just have better places to sleep this year.

BBQ or Tex Mex?
Johnny: We are just hungry in general.

What is your favourite venue here to play?
Daniel: I’m not sure.
Johnny: I just love festivals.

Do you prefer playing outside during the day, or at night?
Johnny: Drunk and at night is usually better than sober in the day.

Austin’s motto is ‘Keep it Weird’, what’s the weirdest thing to happen to you here?
Johnny: We were just hanging out with this guy and he split and all these crack vials came out of his mouth. Then the cops came and picked him up. I guess that’s not weird thinking about stuff that happened when I lived in Baltimore, but the fact it happened I guess is pretty strange. It’s weird to see a bunch of crack falling out of someone’s mouth.

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