Interview Night of the Brain

‘I’m already working on the next album. It will be a light-hearted exploration in to the concepts of conceptual art using locked grooves and empty cardboard boxes.’

Night Of The Brain

is the, er, brainchild of renowned producer, composer and remixer Cristian Vogel. The band’s debut album ‘Wear This World Out’ was out earlier this year, and prompted DIY to quiz the man himself, and find out what this new project is all about…

What exactly is ‘monk punk’?
First and foremost, it’s two words that rhymed themselves suddenly, and reminded us of the drunken master, you know ‘eyes open’ but seemingly out of it. It also ended up as part of the dada refrain from the second track on the album, called ‘Ghosts’, ‘say hello to the amphetamine ghost, out with mind junk in with the monk punk’.

Why the decision to use a ‘real’ drummer with this project, given your electronic background?
Because I was really tired of having to program all the drums first every time I wanted to lay down a song idea.

The band is mostly described as being ‘yours’, does this mean it’s an equal creative process, or is it more a band playing your songs?
At the moment I’m coming up with most of the songs, all of the lyrics and mixes and the guitar stuff - but Mike, on the bass, is invaluable in helping me to figure out what I’m supposed to do about chords and changes and how to rock out on that stuff. He’s also writing all the basslines, which are a very important part of our sound I think.

You’ve got a reputation for releasing ‘concept’ records - is ‘Wear This World Out’ along similar lines?
Well, I guess if sticking to an idea and seeing it out to the end is what people mean by ‘concept’, then maybe. These songs, and the decision to dedicate my energies to being in a band and everything that can imply, will, I hope, make this album and the concerts coming from it more intimate and more complex - moreso than just spinning other peoples’ records in the club. Hey, I’m already working on the next album. It will be a light-hearted exploration in to the concepts of conceptual art using locked grooves and empty cardboard boxes. Build reputation, build.

Barcelona isn’t thought of as particularly ‘big’ for music here in the UK - are there masses of acts we’re missing out on because of this?
Yes, there’s lots of quality bands and musicians here. There’s been a backlash against singing in English, so in this way I guess they cut themselves off more from the UK scene. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t talented musicians - there’s a lot of original ideas and exciting sounds. For example, 12Twelve, It’s Not Not, The Movidas, Standstill to name just a few.

You’re often noted for your remixes - does the idea of people remixing your tracks excite you, or fill you with dread?
I’m in to these songs getting remixed, it means I won’t have to try and do it! It ain’t easy being cheesy…

What’s next - for both you and the band?
For NOTB, we want to play loads more shows, it’s great fun. And we want to start recording the next record, which is even more fun. For me, I have a techno doppel coming out on Tresor this year, the results of my NeverEngine sequencer, and also a CD release of the very psychedelic and experimental soundtracks I composed for the choreographer Gilles Jobin, on Station 55 Records.

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