Interview Oddyssey: Like Cockroaches After Nuclear War

Rosie tells us what brought on the change and what the band have planned.

Rosie Oddie

and her band have just ditched their ‘Odd Squad’ moniker in favour of their new name Oddyssey.

Here, Rosie tells us what brought on the change and what the band have planned.

Hey Rosie, how are you?
Still recovering from our EP launch [for ‘Black America’] at the Roundhouse… huge after-party after the after-party. Such fun!

So, ‘Rosie Oddie & The Odd Squad’ are no more. Are the name change and management change linked? Is this a fresh start?
It is indeed a fresh start. We went away to Norfolk to record an album at the beginning of the year and felt that the band and sound had changed so much, we wanted it all to be something new. New management definitely brought changes… we all felt as a team that we wanted to kind to start again with a completely new product. We’ve changed so much as a band it seemed to just make sense.

You’ve just released your debut EP as Oddyssey, do you have much new material to go with your new name? Are you still going to play Odd Squad tracks live?
Most of the tracks are new, we wrote a lot of them specifically for the new recordings while the band was kind of dormant and working out what to do. We changed the name as well so most of the stuff off the recordings we feel comes under the new band. The set now is made up of even newer material that is most definitely more ‘Oddyssey’ than Odd Squad.

You’ve been quoted as saying you want to ‘do something bigger than just making music’, that ‘your main aim is to make art that means something.’ Does that mean you see music these days as being a little vacuous?
In some cases yes and in some cases I think it has never been so creative. It’s so hard to make money or to break at the moment that I feel like everyone is scrabbling around to get known or to be successful and sometimes they are concentrating too much on the success. It’s easy sometimes to forget what you’re doing it for. I definitely have done at points. The most important thing is to make sure what your doing is something you believe in 100%. Things like recessions breed creativity, everyone has to work a lot harder, so hopefully at the end of all of this there will be some really strong bands left… like cockroaches after nuclear war.

What are your plans for making Oddyssey ‘mean something’? Do you have a plan, or are you still finding your feet?
Many many plans… it already means something. I’m not saying it means more than anything else. Everything, however vacuous has a purpose and a meaning. Things like the ‘Black America’ exhibition, which is like a sort of ‘experience’ adds more meaning I suppose, like it makes sure what we are trying to mean is expressed as fully as it can be. Are ‘meaning’ is to make good music about interesting things, but also sometimes simple things. And we want to do this all in the most accessible way possible ie through using as many creative outlets as possible… art, videos, music etc, and having control over all of these things.

‘Black America’ seems very topical. How far do you think you could take the concept of planning releases around ‘things you’ve seen on the news’? A wealth of possible subjects, surely?
Ohhhh nice idea… really nice. I think inevitably that will happen a bit any way. I always end up writing about things that effect me - personally or generally - so I am sure that will happen again.

Are there any plans for a proper tour, rather than these few dates you’ve got scheduled in and around London?
Not really worth our while right now, we prefer to do ‘weekend jaunts’, I think they are called. Unless it’s a big support tour thing it is a lot of money to be on the road and you don’t really get much back.

And finally: Do you think you’ll forever be in bands with your name (partially or otherwise) in the title?
I would not be able to say for sure either way…

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