Interview Pivot: Getting Started On Album No. 3

We have a chat with Dave (laptop, production) about what the band are currently up to.

Richard Pike

(guitar, bass, keyboards, production), Laurence Pike (drums, keyboards, percussion) and Dave Miller (laptop, production) together make up Pivot - an Australian three piece who formed way back in 1999 and released their second studio album, the first to make it outside of their native Australia, last year. We have a chat with Dave about what they’re currently up to.

So, you guys released your album ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ in the middle of last year - has your schedule started to calm down yet? You’ve got quite a few live dates coming up.
Our record came out August/September, and after that we toured quite a lot around Europe till mid November. We then went straight to Australia for a tour there, and had some time off over Christmas. Between now and then we’ve been playing festival bits and pieces in Australia, and played some interesting shows with Gary Numan & Arctic Monkeys which were pretty bizarre for different reasons. In between all that we’ve been working on and recording new stuff as well. So, to cut a long story short, no.

The record received an awful lot of praise from just about everywhere - were you surprised by just how good a reception it got, or did you always suspect it could do well?
I’m not sure… We liked the record, we still do, so I guess we thought others might like it aswell. In regards to reactions, I think it’s better to get a wholly positive or wholly negative reaction. The ‘meh, it’s ok’ reviews are the only ones that tend to bother me.

You’ve been working on your new album over in Australia - does this mean all three of you have moved over there, or are you working on this record in a similar way to the last (with two thirds of the band in Australia and one third in London)?
We seem to be in a constant state of transit. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for about 18 months now. We spent a four months in Australia over the northern winter/southern summer, so we tried to work on things together in the same room as much as possible - that’s a new thing for us. I think it’s going to mean a far more ‘live’ sounding record, but we’ll see.

Are you going to continue to work on it whilst touring, or will it be ‘on hold’ until the end of May? Can you produce music ‘on the road’?
We’re not really rocking a Metallica style tour van, so I won’t have my studio with me, but, I guess we’ll try. You can always do bit and pieces on tour, it really depends on your mindset - drinking cases of champagne and Hennessy after the gig doesn’t bode well for working on a new song the morning after. We’ve also found it’s difficult to work on a laptop while you are driving.

How has all the moving back and forth between Australia and London affected your song writing, if at all?
Not a great deal. You can make music anywhere. We’ve recorded and rehearsed all of the new stuff over the summer in Australia. Time spent in London has mostly been downtime drinking ale, or inbetween tours eating salt beef bagels.

This tour you’re about to embark on - are you taking any support bands with you, will it be local bands…?
In the UK we’ve tried to get local bands in the cities we’re playing - that’s been a good vibe with us in the past when it’s been well thought out. In London we’ve got Factory Floor and Portasound playing which should be fun, Glasgow, Liverpool & Bristol will all have locals there aswell. Other gigs around Europe I know we’re playing some gigs with Health, Styrofoam & The Big Pink at festivals & our own shows which we’re looking forward to.

And finally, what does the rest of the year hold for Pivot?
Good question. I know we’re back here in the UK for Bestival and Green Man which I’m excited about. In between that, I’m not sure. You’ll hear new music from us at some stage aswell, that’s for sure.

Pivot are touring Europe throughout April and May. For more information, visit their MySpace.

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