The puke and the anti-perfection of Ryn Weaver’s exciting first steps

From working with Charli XCX to being tweeted by Hayley Williams, 2015 will be anything but ordinary for Ryn Weaver.

The events aren’t directly linked, strictly speaking, but in the space of a few hours, Ryn Weaver posted her debut track ‘OctaHate’, everyone on the internet went nuts, Hayley Williams from Paramore tweeted her, and the LA via NYC musician was promptly sick. Some experiences are too overwhelming to handle. This was one of them.

“It was a jolt of nerves, I mean… ” Ryn says, attempting to make sense of events. “When she tweeted back, there were so many people tweeting all of a sudden. The numbers started to jump, ten thousand every five minutes. I was really overwhelmed and I started getting these phone calls from everyone I know. And even people I don’t know, people who haven’t been a cool person to me, calling me and being like, ‘Hey, what’s up!’” And she freaked.

For a good twelve months preceding this dramatic turn of events, Ryn had been sitting on her ‘Promises’ EP, tinkering with things behind the scenes alongside a team containing Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat. “The way I process things is bizarre. Like working with all these people - it took me so long to realise all this great stuff that was happening,” she says.

Acclaim and vomit swiftly put to one side, the next step in the newcomer’s stratospheric journey has been getting used to comments, criticisms and plain haters. When ‘OctaHate’ dropped, she took time to clarify to specific people that she wasn’t some manufactured bolt out of the blue. “I wanted to set the record straight. Nobody knows who I am, so this is it - the manifest,” she explains. “I’m too busy for that now. If people wanna hate, go ahead if you have the time.”

If anything defines her scatterbrained tracks so far - produced by Blanco, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, amongst others - it’s a don’t give a fuck attitude. “I don’t care about looking moody and wearing all black and sitting in the corner and having cool lights,” she says. “I don’t really care about trends. I’m just happy being the person I am. The coolest thing that person can do, is not give a fuck.”

“If people wanna hate, go ahead if you have the time.”

— Ryn Weaver

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