Interview So Many Dynamos: Sacrificing Their Bodies In The Name Of Science

We talk important things, like dogs in costumes…

Illinois foursome So Many Dynamos have been around for a while now, but they’ve not really made much of a splash over here in the UK. Hopefully that’s all set to change with the release of their new album ‘The Loud Wars’, which is due for release over here on 22nd February through Vagrant.

We have a chat with frontman Griffin Kay, about all the important things: their new album, costumed dogs, and sacrificing bodies in the name of science…

Hello Griffin, how are you today?
I just got back from watching a dog parade that went through my neighborhood. Literally hundreds, if not thousands of dogs were in costumes. So after seeing that, how could I not be having a marvelous day?

That sounds amazing. Sorry it’s taken so long to get these questions to you, but at least this way we’re a bit closer to the UK release of your album. There’s been a bit of a gap between the US and UK release dates, hasn’t there?
Well, sorry it’s taken so long for us to reply but we’ve been busy getting ready to come to Europe! Our album came out in the summer here in the US but there were a few things that needed to come together before we could line up a UK release date, but it is conveniently coinciding with our first tour in the UK and Europe.

Would you rather have got all this promo out the way at once, or are you enjoying spreading it out a bit?
We certainly do not mind spreading out the US and UK release dates of The Loud Wars, due in large part to the fact that we are thrilled for our record to be released in the UK.

Is it strange to be breaking into new markets as a fairly ‘new’ band, when in actual fact you’ve been around for years? This February tour will be your first time in the UK, won’t it?
This February will be our first time in the UK and I am sure will hold many other exciting ‘firsts’ for our band. One thing I know we are all really looking forward to is having a tour manager and driver for the first time. This takes a lot of responsibility off our shoulders and will allow us to take everything in.

While it is a little weird for anyone to consider us a ‘new’ band, it is exciting that even after playing these songs for a few years we still get the opportunity to make a good first impression on audiences in places we’ve only day dreamed of touring to.

There have been a few significant changes for you guys over the past couple of years - you signed to Vagrant, replaced a member… how has being on Vagrant differed from your previous label experience, if it has at all?
In the past we’ve operated on more of a handshake/D.I.Y. mode. Vagrant is more serious and business like, but that’s because they are professionals and have been doing this (and doing it well) for many years now. That’s part of the appeal of working with a larger label. Still, the vinyl for The Loud Wars will be coing out on Hell Sir Records, who also released the vinyl for Flashlights.

You talk a lot about the band being a ‘business’, it makes a change to see that being acknowledged…
Chris Walla recently did a piece for the NPR program “Marketplace” were he advised that musicians should treat the business aspects of their music with the same seriousness and attention that they treat the creative side, and that’s something he passed on to us a while ago. While it is certainly a growing process (with a few growing pains here and there) we are trying to take that advice in an effort to increase the longevity of our band. While there may be people who scoff at such advice, they either have someone to take care of these matters for them or don’t get too far out of their hometown.

There won’t be any diva behaviour from you, then? None of this ‘needing’ silly budgets for videos and such?
Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have money for a video, but we’ve had no such luck… however we are hoping that the venues provide us with a decent sampling of local beers.

On your blog you talk about finding other ways to make money - have you come up with anything interesting? Are you having to deviate from the world of music?
We’ve tried to not play out as much and focus more on new material, which has caused us to pursue less than ideal means of making money. For the past few months Nathan and I have worked for a sub shop and Clayton and Aaron have been sacrificing their bodies in the name of science in medical testings. I just had my last day of work before I leave for tour and I could not be happier.

And how has losing Ryan affected the band? You’ve been writing new material with Nathan?
There is a renewed sense of positivity in our band with the addition of Nathan. We’ve been finding his strengths are complementary to ours and it has made for a lot of excitement in the writing process.

Will any of it get an airing on your forthcoming UK tour?
We’ve got a few T’s to cross and I’s to dot, but we should have a few new songs ready for this tour, assuming my saying that does not jinx us.

You can pick up tickets to see the band on their forthcoming tour here: Buy So Many Dynamos Tickets.

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