Interview Stuffy / The Fuses

As part of his takeover of DIY this week, we thought it only fair we featured Stuffy in an interview setting. Except we couldn’t let him interview himself - he’d cheat.

As part of his takeover of DIY this week to celebrate the release of double A-side single ‘Metal Queen Theme’ b/w ‘Sir Wants Sex’, we thought it only fair we featured Stuffy in an interview setting. Except we couldn’t let him interview himself - he’d cheat. Here’s what he had to say for himself (and on behalf of the Fuses).

Firstly, please introduce yourself, and your Fuses.
I’m Stuffy and they are the Fuses; Lucy Fuse on organs, pianos and vocals, Jonny Fuse on the bass and reluctant vocals and indie guitar goddess (not my words, the words of some fanzine or other) Jen Fuse - together they are The Fuses. I play the drums and like to sing.

Your last album was called ‘Angels Are Ace’. It’s nearly Christmas, which is a time when people actually consider the relative merits of angels. Is your album therefore a great Christmas present idea?
Of course it is and we can despatch within 24 hours. I think it’s unlikely that I’m going to warn against such a purchase. I love the album, it’s my proudest moment and I want as many people to hear it as possible. We are even giving some tracks away free because we’re nice like that. Try before you buy.

Why do you have a slash in your name?
There’s no slash in our name.

It just looks nice I think. Puts the band on a level pegging with the stuffy character? Nah, just looks nice.

What’s the weirdest comparison you’ve ever been party to?
Our first ever review which was for the single ‘Evel Knievel’ we were compared to Muse and Suede. Which is odd because I don’t have records by either of those bands and have only ever heard them in passing on the radio. Mark Lamarr says we sound like ‘Stuffy/the Fuses’ so I only ever trust his opinions and guidance now. Poor Mark, reluctant guru.

You’ve toured with lots of people - both with the Fuses and elsewhere - who haven’t you managed to play with that you’d like to?
Shellac, Cornelius, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jnr, Future Of The Left, Deerhoof. We’re nothing like those, are we?

Greg and Jon from Deerhoof expressed an interest in doing some shows with us after hearing our cover of ‘Top Tim Rubies’. This was way back before the Radiohead / Flaming Lips times. When I saw them last it was rather embarissing as I don’t think they remembered who I was.

We are hoping to tour supporting helium-infused garage noiseniks Jennifer Gentle next year; just waiting for them dates to come in. I might not be supposed to tell anyone that… oh well.

You’ve stated working with Steve Albini was an ‘ambition realised’ - what’s next on your list?
I’m not sure, I don’t have a list of musical ambitions. Probably because I’ve been so lucky in what I’ve done so far.

Record with Steve again, maybe. It was so relaxed and the best adventure/holiday we’ve ever had. Maybe album four or five we might be able to get ourselves over to Chicago to get some of that action again. We are being recorded by Jon Fuse at the moment in his studio complex. He’s done loads of stuff; Pete & The Pirates, Chris TT, Dirty Pedro, Kaito, etc. He’s fantastic, really musical and patien toot. Lots of warmth but very live sounding. Poor Jon, reluctant sonic genius.

What’s currently on your stereo/iPod/computer playlist/record player?
My iPod isn’t talking to me at the moment. I lost the firewire lead somewhere between Oxford and Bristol. If anyones got a spare, please send me it.

Currently got ‘Curses’ LP by Future of the Left on my gramophone. Still trying to convince my partner, Ruth, that they are even better than Mclusky but she just sticks her fingers in her ears and shouts ‘All of your friends are cunts, your mother is a ball point pen thief’.

Also listening to Kong’s ‘Snake Magnet’ promo almost contantly with occasional breaks for AC Newman’s ‘Slow Wonder’, Cardiacs‘Ditzy Scene’ and Kaiser Chiefs. That’s right, Kaiser Chiefs, fuck you!

Finally, drummers who sing often (i.e. always) get compared to Phil Collins. Have you ever worn a pastel three-quarter-sleeved jacket?
I thought there was no jacket required?

Phil rarely sings whilst playing the drums from what I understand. He gets the Gorilla in for those numbers, I guess. I don’t mind the comparison,

though I reckon it’s a little lazy. I mean would you compare Jack White to Chesney Hawkes? I mean they both play guitar and sing don’t they? Maybe Jack White also lives in a leaky bedsit in Balham too?

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