Neu Bondax: ‘Electronic Music Could Be The Most Uncool Thing In 5 Years’

Kyle Forward has a quick catch-up with George Townsend and Adam Kaye.

In every article focusing on Bondax, there's a nod toward their youth. George Townsend and Adam Kaye have built a solid following through their beat-and-sample heavy dance music. After a debut trip to North America, they've just thrown out a new single – the syrupy sounding 'Gold'. With that on the palette, they're knocking off a debut LP as well. So amidst their schedule, they answered some questions for Kyle Forward in a quick catch-up.

'Gold' was premiered on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show. I'm an Australian, but I realise it's a big thing. How reassuring is it to have your work given so much attention?
Its great to have support coming from loads of different areas, especially from people as big as Annie Mac, it’s very humbling.

As a fellow eighteen year old, the club/pub/bar scene is something that intrigues me. Considering the music you produce, do you go out much?
We spend most of our time off with our friends at home, we don’t really go out as much as we spend a lot of time in clubs when we’re touring!

What do you think of this surge in the popularity of DJing? It seems everyone I know is buying decks...
DJing was always going to go in this direction as everything digital takes over. It’s interesting for us because we took quite a bit of shit for DJing when we started simply because it wasn't the ‘cool’ thing to be doing where we live. Fashions come and go, electronic music could be the most utterly uncool thing in 5 years but for now we don’t see a problem in people DJing, it’s all good competition.

You're working on an album - right? How's it sounding in comparison to your other stuff?
Yep we are busy with the album at the moment. All that is being kept under wraps for now but we’ll have new music for you very shortly…

You went to the US last year, and I've heard you're going back this year. Does your British dance music inspired sound translate well over there?
Yeah, we feel truly lucky and it gives you a new outlook on your own music. You see people react differently to different songs. It’s also mad to experience new cultures, it furthers your music and more importantly, yourself.

What will be the best part of 2013 for Bondax?
Not sure just yet, we’ve been lucky that many of these chances have come out of nowhere so who knows what’s round the corner!'Gold' is available to download now via Justus/Relentless

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